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500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked. In late 2014, hackers broke into half-a-million Yahoo accounts. This could be one of the largest breaches in history…more

QSR Customer Want Deals and Coupons. If you are in the QSR category or a restaurant owner and are already sending  coupons and deals to your customers, you are already doing what they like and want…more

LinkedIn Wants to be Social and Fun. How much fun is it looking for a job or reading an article? Not much. Now that it is being acquired by Microsoft, they launched a redesign of the platform on Thursday with such features as chatbots, hashtag, and breaking news notifications…more

eMarketer Webinar: Location Matters—Using Mobile Location Data to Drive Actions and Sales

– How many consumers are sharing location data with marketers, and how they feel about it
– How good the location data is on the marketer side, and what they can do with it
– What tactics are marketers using to drive real-world behaviors with digital messaging
– How marketers are using location data to understand online-to-offline commerce…more

Date: September 29, 2016
Time: 1:00 pm ET
Presented by Cathy Boyle

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