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New Pandora Logo & Ad-Free Subscriptions. Pandora have been around for 16 years, yes, 16 years. That is hard to believe and they have only changed their logo once in that time. The new logo was developed in-house and take the logo fonts from all upper-case to lower case. The new logo is part of a larger campaign (highly targeted marketing campaigns) aimed at growing the paid and non-paid subscribers by 41% by 2020.

IoT and Behavioral Changes. With the IoT (Inter of Things), it should be making things easier to do for people and some of those include facial recognition and fingerprint scans. MasterCard and Expedia are both using facial technology to make things easier for their customers for logging in or for input. Fingerprint scans is another change of behavior that many brands are adopting. IoT is arriving day-by-day with these technologies.

Hispanics and Mobile Video. Mobile video is one of the best ways to reach consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds according to research done by Yahoo Р94% now use their mobile device to watch video at least once a week. 72% like to watch video from multiple devices and 54% see out content that is tailored to them. Hispanic  will have a buying power of $1.7 trillion by 2019.

Making the Perfect Mobile Ad. For teens and millennials, a good ad will enable them to save it for later and to be able to better share (according to a  survey by Verve Mobile of 14 Р29 year olds). With this group of consumers, they would prefer that their ads be personalized and what they are wanting to buy. This once again points to the data you are collecting on your customers and how you are using that data to be more targeted and personalized.

Read more in detail – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-pandora-logo-ad-free-subscriptions-iot-behavioral-fussenegger?published=t

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