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‪I focus on Restaurants & QSR Brands…‬

‪Types of brands I love working with…‬

‪1️⃣ Brands that don’t have customer data and want to learn how to get and use that data‬

‪2️⃣ Brands that have data but don’t know what to do with it‬

‪3️⃣ Brand that have data but don’t have the right programs running‬

‪If you want to tap into 20 years of marketing and digital experience to REACH, RETAIN and REGAIN customer to increase sales, transactions and comps – we need to talk 🗣‬

‪Let’s get away from the one message for all and begin using more personalized targeted content and messages that is relevant to your customers and triggered by data.‬

🎯 How we can make you more bread👇👇👇

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