SMS Personalization


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If you have a simple SMS program, you can begin to take it to the next level by targeting your audiences differently and with personalization. To help maximize sales and engagement, create content that is as relevant as possible to

Difference between SMS and MMS messages


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What is the difference between SMS and MMS messages? SMS stands for “short message service” and has a limit of 160 characters and is pretty static in nature. MMS on the other hand stand for “multimedia messaging service” and this

6 Simple Steps for Managing and Keeping Your Day-to-Day Goals


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It all starts the minute you walk into your place of employment and many times it starts right when you wake-up each day. You are bombarded with requests, emails, text messages, phone calls and people standing at your office wanting

SMS as a Utility

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Since there is so much to talk about with SMS, I have decided to spend another week on this important eCRM tool. When people think of receiving SMS from a brand, they think of the offers and specials they will

SMS Marketing; Mobile & SMS Programs, Who is CTIA, Types of SMS Communications and more SMS Marketing.

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This past week I focused on the one mobile program that I feel is still the most underused eCRM tool, and that is SMS Marketing. No other tool has a 90% open/read rate within 15 minutes of receiving – that

SMS Keywords


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SMS keywords are short words or letters that can be sent to your short code in order to trigger an offer or response. These keywords can be used to promote your mobile application, offers, contests and more – you can

2-way SMS Communications

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SMS offers 1 and 2-way communications with your customers – today I will address 2-way communications. 2-way SMS communications are a great way for your customers to engage with your brand and for you to get a feel on the

1-Way SMS Communications


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SMS offers 1 and 2-way communications with your customers – today I will hit on 1-way communications. 1-Way SMS communications are pretty easy as these are the messages that you push out to your customers more around awareness & promotional

The Difference Between Email and SMS Subscribers


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With text messaging being much more intrusive than email (and personal) and a common way to communicate with family and friends, consumers are still a bit hesitant to sign up for SMS programs from brands. With that in mind, your



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To run successful SMS programs, you must have programs that are CTIA & TCPA compliant and you must understand the rules and the guidelines. Who and what are the CTIA & TCPA? Please also reference their websites for more, but