Why do you unsubscribe from a brands eMail?

May 31, 2017 | Posted in Email Marketing | By

Why do you unsubscribe from a brands eMail? A – Frequency B – Content not relevance C – Email content is not clear or clutter D – Content is not engaging E – Sign-up expectations not achieved F – Content

eMail frequency and unsubs

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How is your eMail frequency impacting your subscribers? The higher the frequency the more customers you will have unsubscribing – it doesn’t mean your overall unsub % will rise, it just means the volume will rise with the frequency along

Mobile Devices – Shopping vs researching

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You use your mobile device more for shopping or researching before purchasing (then purchasing in-store)? A – Shopping B – Researching before purchasing

Do you know the age demographics of your customers

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Do you know the age demographics of your customers that have a smartphone and how they are purchasing or engaging with your brand? This will help you determine where you need to invest to ensure your brand is where your

Thinking Mobile First with the Mobile Device

May 16, 2017 | Posted in Mobile | By

The Mobile Device today is the primary source for media, social, searching, internet usages and so on. If your are not planning for the mobile device and it is not on your roadmap, then you are missing out on massive

QSR question

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QSR question – You or your family will most likely eat at a Quick Service Restaurant on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday? A – Friday B – Saturday C – Sunday D – All

Displaying Your Team Goals

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You have your goals for your company and teams, how are they posted or made available for the teams? At Papa John’s, we do a great job of posting the company goals in very visible locations. This is a great

Setting Goals

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It is never too late to begin setting goals for yourself and your teams. When you are setting your goals think about the timeline of the goals, focus on the growth of the team and also each individual, don’t set

Reviewing Your Goals

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How often do you review your goals and how often do you discuss your teams goals and performance with your teams? I personally do not wait until “review time” to discuss with my teams how we are doing and how

Checking Your Goals

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We are already more than 1/3 of the way through the year. What improvements have you done to your programs to make a positive impact for your customers? This is a good time to check your goals to see where