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Jumping back into the new year with both feet! Time to look at your digital checks to ensure your programs are compliant and have all the necessary and up-to-date disclaimers. Next up, looking at your content strategy for 2017 and making sure it is consistent across all your channels.

A review all your eCRM programs is a must. Look at what is working and what needs to be adjusted – can be creative, content or even the sequence that your communications are being sent.

Finally, turn your attention to Mobile and see how your customers are engaging with you via their mobile device.

Monday Update
Are you ready for 2017? One of the first steps is to look at the copyright information on all your digital and non-digital assets and make the easy change to 2017. While this is a somewhat easy change, it is one that is easily overlooked – I have overlooked in the past as well and something that I get our teams to get on their calendars, it just takes some time when you have numerous assists to change.

Tuesday Update
Doing your checks for digital to start 2017…are your Text/SMS marketing programs compliant? Do you have the proper disclaimers in the actual text message when a customer signs up or engages with your programs and within any creative that is advertising the programs? How are you using your data and what can you be doing better? Many things to think about with your existing programs – more on that later.

If you are still not using SMS as a marketing tool, I can’t say this enough, SMS is still one of the most under-used eCRM programs out there. It has a very high engagement, very high ROI and it can also be used as utility along with a sales driver.

Wednesday Update
What is your content strategy for 2017? Will the message be consistent on all channels or will it be slightly different for each channel? What about your audience and segments – will the content be tailored differently for each customer or segment? And, how are you using your analytics to understand how your customers are engaging with your brand and channels – how they are getting to your channels, where they are leaving from, what devices they are using and so on.

There so many opportunities that you can have with content.

Thursday Update
One of my favorites in eCRM is eMail. You can drive sales, transaction, awareness and so much more for a high ROI. In the past, batch and blast has been very effective for many brands for a long time. In 2017, look at other opportunities to segment your lists and test how personalization and segmenting does for you compared to batch and blast. Test offers, messages, creative and so on with your segments. I would also take the time to look at all of your current programs (print them all out and put on a wall) and make quick adjustments that will benefit your customers.

Friday Update
As you begin 2017, what has mobile done for your lately? As mobile usage continues to grow are your channels ready? Is the content and experience optimized? Do you have Apps and how are your customers engaging with both your Mobile site and your App? On which channel are they spending the most time and money? Get a better understanding of what the mobile shift is doing to your business and how your customer behaviors are changing. There are lots of opportunities with Mobile and make sure you are ready now, not later.

Saturday Update
Kicking off 2017 with Push Notifications! If you have an App and are not utilizing Push Notifications to communicate to your App users, you are missing out on some communication opportunities for branding, promotions, targeting, utility uses and more. Make the optin message very clear on what they will be receiving and why. Ensure you have optin opportunities within the account preferences of the App to allow your App users more flexibility with your programs. Engage in a very meaningful way and deliver relevant content.

Sunday Update
Lots of good engagement on my post yesterday around Push Notifications. This is the one communication method that many marketers are not familiar with or don’t understand the true benefits of. To make it more complex, in order to send push notifications and in most instances, you need a third party partner with an interface to schedule your messages, trigger your engagement and to track your analytics. Most times, this will require that a SDK from that third party be added to your App. Your customers must also know why they should accept messages from you. Lots of unknowns for many marketers but the benefits are great.


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Additionally, Bernie oversees brand representation for Papa John’s digital properties and manages direct-to-consumer channels including email, SMS and push messaging. Recent initiatives have centered around bringing together larger promotional efforts with targeted campaigns to engage the consumer at the precise moment of interest.

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