Shop from B2The7 and you can help others…

Helping others is something that we believe in and something that we want to do. Not everyone has the time or the resources, so we developed a program where we can use Amazon Affiliate Marketing to our advantage to help charities, non-profits or organizations that help others.

You do what you have always done…Shop on Amazon…no extra cost passed on to you and a % of the affiliate profits go to the organization of the month.

Use the Amazon link here to get started…pass this along to others. The idea is to help others by doing what you are already doing…shopping from Amazon.

Remember – a % of all profits from our online shop goes to help the organization of the month.

Is there an organization that needs help and is important to you?

Contact us for help in promoting your charities, non-profits or organization. We would love to help and have you featured for a month.