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Gmail To Support Responsive Design. This is huge news for any business or organization that has had to trouble shoot their email designs for Gmail – it is very time consuming – time that could be spend in other design areas…more

How the #Hashtag Changed the Game. For Millennials, the hashtag serves as a way to track a post or to interact into a larger audience – it has really become a utility to aggregate millions of users posts…more

Millennials Want Customer-First Experiences. Older generations were very reluctant to give out their personal information, not so with Millennials. In return, they expect more value in return – they want experiences that are focused on the data they have provided…more

Misconceptions Around Baby Boomers and Tech. To say that Baby Boomers are not tech savvy is wrong. According to the 2016 Boston Consulting Group survey, boomers’ top 20 favorite brands include Amazon, Apple, Dell, HP, LG Samsung and Sony – all tech-related…more

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