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This past week I focused on the Mobile App communication strategy, the types of messages you can be sending to your app and you App Inbox and the advantages of having that message center.

Communicating to customers that use the mobile app is very important for engagement and brand loyalty and as more and more people are using mobile devices, your brand needs to be ready to communicate to those customers in ways they want.

Monday Update
You have an app(s) and your customers have downloaded and are actively using. Here is the fun part – now you need to put together your communication strategy and how you plan to use App Alert Notifications, App Inbox Messages, Push Beacons and Geo-Location Services. Things to think about are triggered messages and preferences for the customer to choose from – and the type of message you want going to your customers.

Monday Closing Thought of the Day – What good is knowledge if you are not sharing with others? Each week I find a new subject or topic that is reflective of my background and experience. With each post I try to give tips that may help someone else or to get others thinking – I also do this to help keep myself thinking and looking for feedback to help my programs. I would encourage others to begin to do the same – don’t be afraid to share what you know!

Tuesday Update
It has been pretty cool to see the #firstsevenjobs of what other professionals have done. So, without further ado, here is my #firstsevenjobs

Swim club maintenance
Grass cutting
Pool Manager
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer/Web Designer
Web Designer/Web Developer
Manager, Online Marketing

Tuesday Closing
As we get more into App and the types of messaging you can use, I will start with your basic push notification or push alert. Push notifications or push alerts are messages that appear or pop up on the mobile devices of those customers who have downloaded your App and choose to allow push notifications from your App.

What are they used for? There are many uses, but the main use of these alerts are for; sports scores and updates, news alerts, traffic reports, weather reports flight information or any time of instant communication that is more real time.

Good use case of Alerts – NBC’s Olympics App located in the iOS App Store.

Wednesday Update
The App In-box allows you to message YOUR ENTIRE APP AUDIENCE, without an opt-in! That is why it is very important to have an In-box or Message Center within your app – you can still reach your customers even though they have opted to not receive the Push Notification Alerts. High-performing apps see average message center read rates of 44%, increasing to 49% for retail apps, meaning nearly half of all messages sent are opened and read.

Wednesday Closing

The #firstsevenjobs helped define, teach and set in motion what it took to excel in the #lastsevenjobs

Director, Digital Marketing
Sr. Mgr, Design & Media
Manager, Online Marketing
Web Designer/Web Developer
Graphic Designer/Web Designer
Graphic Designer

Thursday Update
Who is the best company you have ever worked for?

Thursday Closing
Dropping Names photo

Saturday Update
Saturday Thought of the Day – Success is the sum of small efforts. Repeated Day In and Day Out

Sunday Update
The eMail Marketingscape – do your partners and vendors show up here? It can be easily be debated, but this is the best of the best.

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