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Amazon Adding Alexa to its Fire Tablets. Alexa is the voice assistant that has been in Amazon’s Echo, Fire TV, and Fire Stick devices…more


eMail Still Top ROI eCRM Channel. Email continues to be the select channel or format for US Marketers. A survey by the Direct Marketing Association found that email had a medium ROI of 122% – 4 times higher than other marketing formats…more


Venmo Trying to Maintain Market Share with Ponies. Venmo, who is a peer-to-peer payment service (Think being with a large group of people and you are ordering pizza and you need to split the payment) owned by PayPal, is wanting customers to quit haggling over sharing a bill and “pony up.” more


eMarketer Webinar: Social Ad Effectiveness—Four Things You Need to Know – September 15, 2016 at 1:00PM ET…

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