Small and large brands all struggle at times in connecting with their customers, lack the resources, digit insights or social knowledge to gaining that connection and customer through online channels.

This is where B2The7 can help you target and engage customers with digital and social solutions.

Why B2The7 🤔

▶️ We can help you increase your revenue, optimize your marketing and increase your social engagement.

✏️ Worked for a $3 billion dollar brand – 20+ years of experience in a franchise, multi-unit environment
✏️ Contributed to online sales from 3% to over 65%
✏️ Focused on profitability and customer experiences
✏️ Insights & experience that increased revenue, frequency and ticket avg
✏️ Deal and offer management insights
✏️ Fully omni-channel and MarTech thinking
✏️ Life Cycle Marketing
✏️ “Reach, Retain and Regain” with loyalty, email, SMS and Mobile
✏️ Grew the email database to over 12 million subscribers, SMS to over 4 million…TWICE and Mobile App database to over 6 million
✏️ Used data/insights for decision making, customer journeys, welcome series and better customer communications
✏️ Website analysis and content marketing

We understand the pains and needs of your business – we speak your language!

Where we focus

▶️ The Three R’s – Reach, Retain & Regain
▶️ Data-driven marketing
▶️ Data & Insights with reporting
▶️ Menu, deal and offer strategy and tacticsba218860-df6a-40d1-afb6-b5f5a807a995
▶️ Digital strategy and tactics
▶️ Omni-channel Marketing
▶️ Lifecycle Marketing
▶️ Web Content Marketing
▶️ Loyalty program strategy
▶️ Local store marketing
▶️ Direct mail
▶️ Consumer feedback/analysis
▶️ Competitive research
▶️ Social media
▶️ Aggregator experience

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Notable brands I have worked with or am currently working with.