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Android vs Apple: Smartwatch race. Smartwatch will only grow 4% this year to 20 million devices. Smartwatches are those that run third-party applications and then there is the overall smart wearable devices (glasses) of which both are dwarfed by the overall basic wearables…more

Millennials Expect Experiences That Put Them First. Older generations were very reluctant to give out their personal information, not so with Millennials. In return, they expect more value in return – they want experiences that are focused on the data they have provided…more

Creating Content For Wearables. 69% of wearable designers and 65% of developers said that creating content will be a challenge within the next year. This is mainly driven by so many devices and platforms…more

Adweek Webinar – Social Listening 2.0: How Machine Learning Gets to the “Why” of Analytics –  Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT…more

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