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Rewarding and keeping your employees, direct reports or anyone that you work with happy should be a priority for yourself or your leadership teams. It doesn’t matter what you build, what you sell or even provide to customers, you can’t do it without the people that work for you.

We all strive for that harmony that keeps the company moving forward – sometimes it is the little things outside of bonuses, perks and paid days off that will make a difference for your teams.

This past week I again focused on ways and examples that you can use as a starting point for rewarding your employees.

Monday Update
This week I’m going to continue to focus on leadership and your employees

Mondays’s example of ways of keeping your employees happy and productive.

Build Ownership – Let your team members build ownership with their positions, their decisions and the projects they are working on. Once they begin thinking like an owner, they will make better decisions for the benefit of the business.

Tuesday Update
What is the one trait that you have picked up from your mentor or a leader that you admire and or made a difference in your career?

Wednesday Update
Wednesday’s example of ways of keeping your employees happy and productive.

Create a Career Path – Nothing is worse that being in a job that is a dead-end. Create a career path for each team member so that they have something to work towards. When they have reached the next level, reward them with a promotion or raise. Growth in a department and knowing there is growth means a lot in the end.

Wednesday Leadership Question
What is the one trait or leadership style from a previous boss or leader that has been a negative?

Thursday Update
Thursday’s example of ways of keeping your employees happy and productive.

Flex Hours – Be flexible with work hours when things come up such as a doctors appointment or a kids lunch at school. So many jobs do require that your employees are there at certain times, but it is ok to be flexible with hours with important life opportunities outside work.

Friday Update
Friday’s example of ways of keeping your employees happy and productive.

Make Work Fun/Create a Productive Atmosphere – Work doesn’t have to be boring and to the grind in order for people to get things done. It is good to break up the day and weeks with outside events or even events/games within the office. Make the workspace fun and inviting.

Saturday Update
Saturday’s example of ways of keeping your employees happy and productive.

Empower your employees to make decisions – you hired these talented individuals for a reason, now let them do their jobs and make the decisions that are necessary.

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