January 23, 2020 | Posted in Branding, Digital360Chat | By

There are many views to the approach of building your brand on social channels or channels in which you do not own.

I look at my website as the wheel or the hub of all my content. And my email program as another tool in which I own the list, the content and frequency.

The spokes to my hub are all the channels that are rented in which I don’t have control over – the reach, impressions, limitations and features. Rented channels are equally important to supporting the wheel and content that is pushed out from the wheel.

My approach has been to build on my website, my email list, my app (if I owned one) and the things that I have control over along with investing in yourself.

With that said, it is also necessary today to invest in the time and resources for the rented channels for your overall success. Someone might prefer to view your content in a rented channel other than your website or email newsletter.

What are your thoughts?