We are sharing a wide range of career resources for all industries and for professionals who are seeking new career opportunities. Many of these are shared each day from my LinkedIn profile as well. Click here

In my ongoing evolution and support of jobseekers, these are just tools and recommendations that I have used from my past job searching experiences on what has worked for myself. These are also recommendations from many others that have also gone through a search along with feedback from career coaches and career advisors. Keep in mind that every search is different and each of the recommendations may or may not work for your search.

What I do want you to take from this is that you have support – a job search is not easy but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I want to make it easier for you.

A good friend once told me  that “your job is out there, it just isn’t ready for you yet.” Be patient, be consistent and be willing to ask for help.

I wish you the best in your search and please contact me with any questions you may have.

Here we go…

Daily LinkedIn posts for job seekers and recruiters.

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  • Monday – Jobseeker awareness post – tell us what you are looking for
  • Tuesday – Three (3) different jobseeker forms – these are curated jobseeker lists so jobseekers can be more specific about what they are looking for and to have more targeted lists for recruiters.
  • Wednesday – Get Hired with B2The7 News LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Thursday – Recruiters and Hiring Manager focus – share the three jobseeker lists from Tuesday
  • Friday – Jobseeker awareness post – jobseekers telling us what they are looking for and recruiters sharing positions.

If you are struggling as a jobseeker or a recruiter, let’s get you going in the right direction.

I’m now offering consulting services for jobseekers and recruiters.

What is in it for you? Sharing tools and resources from my 30+ years experience

I have also been unemployed and looking for that new position. I have tool and resources to share with you to help you get started, to help you get noticed and to position yourself. I have also been a hiring manager, so I understand that side as well. I have also been sharing career resources since 2000 with Careerbarn. Also included; shout-out in a post (50k+ connections) and the weekly newsletter that goes to 13k+, job search template, LinkedIn Profile Recommendations & LinkedIn posting recommendations.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers
Will help you get started with your content, your strategy, community building and how to fully utilize LinkedIn in your recruiting efforts. I have build a network of 50k+ and can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Will also give a shout-out in a post (50k+ connections) and the weekly newsletter that goes to 13k+.

Monday – Thursday’s with 4 slots available each day – 5:30 – 7:00 EST

Yes, there is a cost of $50 for a 30 minute session.
United States based and serious inquires only – there are very limited spots available.

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Job Search Plan – Template

This is a document that helps you understand what it is that you are looking for so you can focus but also a document that you can give to your network so they understand what you are looking for.

Contains – Professional Objective, Preferred Functions, Positioning Statement, Competencies, Target Market Characteristics, Geographic Location, Size of Organization, Organizational Culture, Target List of Companies

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LinkedIn Profile Recommendations

Here’s a starter guide to taking your LinkedIn profile to the next level! These tips will help you create an amazing LinkedIn profile gets you noticed, is professional and is a nice compliment to your resume.

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LinkedIn Posting and Engagement Recommendations

Recommendations on posting and engaging on LinkedIn that will help get noticed and connected with recruiters and hiring managers.

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Job Seekers – 👏 Get found. Get contacted. Get your new Job.

I have three (3) different jobseeker forms below – these are curated jobseeker lists so jobseekers can be more specific about what they are looking for and to have more targeted lists for recruiters.

If you are looking for new opportunities, fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. (for job seekers – This list is shared with recruiters and hiring managers).

🎯 Job Seekers general list for interest in all jobs

🎯 Job Seekers looking for Marketing, Digital and Social Opportunities

🎯 Job Seekers looking for Physical and Occupational Therapy Opportunities


This is a great way for you to get more awareness and get your information in front of hiring managers and recruiters. Remember, this isn’t anonymous and will be seen by many. I will also keep this at a rolling 60 days.

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Develop a target list of companies

Do you have a list of companies you are interested in working for? When I was looking, I drafted a list of companies that I wanted to work for and then used LinkedIn to see if I had any mutual contacts that worked there and for the ones that I did, I reached out about the position and shared my resume with them.

Using hashtags in your social searches

Use hashtags to search for open positions that others are posting. Example #nowhiring #marketingcommunicationsplanning

The importance of resume personalization for your job search

Resume personalization increases your chances of getting past the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and getting that interview. That means your resume needs to be personalized for each position you apply for.

Video tools to help in your job search.

📹 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile – https://youtu.be/cpopzjL1jSI
📹 Stay Positive in your job search – https://youtu.be/hCNhIKIumw4
📹 Dressing for success – preparing for a virtual interview https://youtu.be/SIuQKZYgiMo
📹 Tips for your job search – https://youtu.be/quoL_Mo8kzk
📹 Elements of a Job Search Plan – https://youtu.be/vaz6b183Wz8
📹 Your Job Search & LinkedIn Profile – https://youtu.be/4TrPalS95Lc

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