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Cloud Services is Now Google Cloud. Google has combined its cloud services under Google Cloud. This also includes Google Apps, machine learning tools, APIs and Android devices ad Chromebooks. Google has also created their G Suite that includes Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Sheets, Calendar and Hangouts.

Measuring eMail Performance with Heat Maps. As someone that have been in the eCRM and specifically eMail for the last 14 years, the announcement that PowerInbox has undated its DynamicMail platform with a heat map is great news. While most analytics are around opens and clicks, this will give marketers an image of where customers are engaging within the email. PowerInbox is an email marketing platform that provides marketers with an opportunity to run cross-channel campaigns on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook from their Inbox.

Can I Hail You an Uber? Uber has announced a deal with Yext that marketers can now hail a car for their customers. This allows marketers to implement Uber’s API within Yext’s software to add ride-sharing services to their location-based advertising. This is a great way to extend services back to brink-and-morter locations. This offering free rides to your customers that purchase x amount from your locations.

Increased Loyalty and IoT. According to Loyalty360, there are about 6.4 billion items currently connected to the internet and that will only increase to 20.8 billion by 2020. More and more of the devices have censors and network connectivity to capture more and more data. Data that marketers can being to use to communicate back to the users of the devices, thus, creating loyalty. Heath and Wellness is a great example of using fitness as a means to reward users for accomplishments – great way to retain customer who are loyal to the brand.

Internet Advertising, Now What? After the news from Facebook that they “miscalculated” average video view times, which misled advertisers on the value from buying video ads from Facebook – how can networks be trusted to deliver what they have promised? After all, this was FACEBOOK with a math mistake. It is now time to change and bring character back to internet advertising.

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