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A routine doesn’t need to be full blown in that you have to do certain things each day at the same time. A routine shouldn’t keep you doing what you want and when.

Routines are important and can serve certain physical or psychological needs.

Over the last few months I had gotten out of my routine of walking and running. Over that time, I could tell how not following that routine impacted my well being and the way I approached things and even my attitude.

Two weeks ago, I started making it a point to take a walk before work and at lunch and then going for a run if time permits after work.

Seems simple – yes. But the end benefits are exactly like I remember. Feeling much better, clear mind, better attitude and more energy.

In return, it makes me a happier person, better employee, better boss/leader, better husband and father all while taking a few minutes out of my day.

Look at your routines and see how they have a positive impact on yourself and those around you. Don’t let them tie you down but to be a positive.


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