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Email marketing is for brands of all sizes – large, small and solo. Email marketing is still very effective to turn prospects into loyal fans and to build an even better relationship with your existing customers.

I had a Twitter Chat around Email Marketing Strategy – Promoting, converting and building customer loyalty that is helping in hearing what other professionals had to say – check it out.

Some of the benefits of an email program

  • Ability to be targeted and segmented
  • Personalized and relevant content
  • Reach an already engage audience – remember, they raised their hand to join your program.
  • You own this data-base of customers (unlike social)
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Easy way to reach your mobile customers
  • Drive online or in-store engagement
  • Learn and talk to your customer
  • Low cost with a high ROI

To stay on top of my game and to show how easy it is, I set up and created my own Email program that is centered around digital and social insights.

The following results are to show what can be done when you build a program that is very targeted (I don’t want everyone in my program, but those that are interested in digital and social).

There are 3 parts to my program. 1) A simple welcome email. 2) A 5 email journey sent over 35 days, and 3) weekly/bi-weekly emails with subjects important to my list.

Welcome Email and the 5 Email Journey.

How do the emails perform
1) Welcome – 63% open rate
2) 5 Email Journey – 39% open rate average over all 5 emails
3) One-off Campaigns – 33% open rate

Click here to sign-up for my program to experience the full email journey and see how it works.

How the open rates compare to other industries…(I consider my category or industry to be Advertising, Marketing & Social)
Constant Contact –
Campaign Monitor
MailChimp –

Why my email program performs

  • I’m very targeted with how I promote my list
  • I don’t want anyone in my program just to boost list size
  • I provide relevant content and content my audience wants
  • I use my 14 years of building email programs and applied to my program

Question for those that do not have a email program…
Why do you not have an email program? Is it time? Is it cost? Is it understanding of how and setting up?

What does this mean for you? It is not too late to have an email program – now is the time to stand-up a program and start reaching your customers and building upon that loyalty you already have.

There are so many programs and approaches to take and so much I can share with you to get you going and help you get the numbers that I’m seeing. It takes a commitment, it takes content and it takes the right programs to help reach your goals.

Here to help you get started…ask any questions you have…I have an answer.

About Bernie Fussenegger @B2The7

Proven digital marketing leader with over 25 years of background experience in QSR and healthcare that includes engaging the customers with digital experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content and Performance Marketing. Success with managing in a fast-paced environment and delivering strategic solutions for both the customer and franchise organization. Solo with B2The7 – Working with small businesses on how they can target and engage their customers with digital and social solutions from real, practical experience that I have gained over the last 25 years.

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