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Facebook Rolls Out Marketplace. On Monday, Facebook unveiled Marketplace which could give eBay and Craigslist a run for its money. This new feature is available now for the Facebook app and rolling out to launch a desktop version in the coming month. Facebook is hoping that users will spend more time with its various services and not take a transaction cost. When you tab on the Marketplace icon, you can see photos of products that have been recently listed and those that are near you. Being a user of both Craiglist and now Facebook, I like the interface, mapping and the ability to stay within the Facebook app.

Keeping eMail Customers Engaged with Targeting. What do you do every morning when you wake up and what do you do every evening before you go to bed? The majority of you will check your eMail. Almost half of consumers survey will self-impose and abstain from their inbox to mitigate stress of the workplace. eMail is still the tool of choice to communicate through-out the day – eMail is not going away so as a marketer, you need to look at ways to engage the customers and to help cut through all the eMail clutter. Targeting the individual with personalized messages and offering preference centers are ways to give voice back to the customer.

Mobile Video on Facebook & YouTube Lead the Way. In a survey of young adults ages 18-20 show that more than half (58%) are watching video on both YouTube and Facebook equally. Nearly half watched on Snapchat and then another 42% watched on Instagram. Video habits are steadily shifting to mobile especially with more smartphones and devices that are not live TV or on-demand TV.

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