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I focus on Restaurants & QSR Brands…

Why Restaurants/QSR? I have 20 years of experience running successful data-driven marketing programs at Papa John’s that drove engagement, sales, transactions and increased comps.

Types of brands I love working with…

1️⃣ Brands that don’t have customer data and want to learn how to get and use that data

2️⃣ Brands that have data but don’t know what to do with it

3️⃣ Brand that have data but don’t have the right programs running

If you want to tap into that 20 years of marketing and digital experience to REACH, RETAIN and REGAIN customer to increase sales, transactions and comps – we need to talk 🗣

I use proven strategies and programs to help your brand stand apart.

Let’s get away from the one message for all and begin using more personalized targeted content and messages that is relevant to your customers and triggered by data.

You want new people coming in the doors and repeat visits…we can do that!

A quick call can get you going!