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You may have heard the Papa John’s 🍕 news from a couple weeks ago about PJs opening a new headquarters in Atlanta. While this does sound exciting, it is something that is not in the cards at this time and my position at Papa John’s will wrap up March 5th.

After 20 years, it has been a great ride, but it is time to start fresh and new.

What is next?

📌 I’m back on the job market and also looking to grow my B2The7 brand (digital & social marketing)

How can you help? There are a couple ways…

📌 If you know of positions for Director level Digital Marketing, Social Media and Content Relationship Marketing would love to talk about those opportunities. I can send you my resume.

📌 If you or your brand needs digital media consulting, social media management, building community or content development, let’s talk about how B2The7 and my many years of experience can help you.

More details around my experience in the comments.

Looking forward to and excited about this new chapter. Please share with others to help get the word out (TY).

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