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Apple Profits Decline for 3rd Straight Quarter. On Tuesday, Apple posted profit and revenue declines for the third straight quarter. Apple’s iPhone 7 was released one week before the fiscal fourth quarter ended, thus not having much of an impact – iPhone sales have dropped 13% year-over-year. For a positive, the Apple App store generated 26% higher revenue than the previous year.

Black Friday eMail Before Halloween. Step into any retail store today and you will already see Christmas items. With eMail and digital tools, retails are already sending their “early” Black Friday communications. As the holidays approach, marketers will send two and three times the email volume while getting back diminishing returns. Annoyance is something else marketers needs to be aware of along with unsubscribes and spam complaints – both sights of higher frequency.

Hacking and IoT Devices. With consumers having a fear of security around IoT devices, 50% said they wouldn’t purchase a device because of that fear. The IoT devices are driven mainly by personal information, information that many consumers are not ready to give up yet until they feel security has been addressed with these devices.

Marketers Using Social Data. Half of marketers in Europe and the US are using social data for their business and another 23% are not because they don’t have the time or resources. Tools and expertise are the two areas where people need help and need to look at using tools that will then increase their expertise.

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