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SalesForce and Twitter Now Off. Benioff said in an interview with Financial Times that Twitter wasn’t a good fit for the cloud company. Shares of stock for Twitter has been dropping (over a third over the last 10 days) as potential bidders have dropped from consideration. The last purchase (over 6 in 2016 alone) was for Krux for $700 million in cash and stock on October 10. Back to the drawing board for Twitter.

Yahoo’s Hack & Verizon Acquisition. The 2014 Yahoo email hack could cost the company $4.8 billion – Verizon has a clause that allows Verizon to back out of the acquisition is an event has adverse effect on the business, assets, properties etc. This is the first time Verizon has publicly stated that the data breach could affect the acquisition.

40% Smart TV, 35% VCR. Of all the connected devices people own, the smart TV may very well end up the most connected device. Four in 10 consumers already have a smart TV (that is what I want for Christmas) with more than a third owning a digital media player. Consumers still watch TV once a week and many have a TV connected DVD player and a third still have a VCR player. Smart devices are more likely to integrate with consumer behaviors already in place.

Holiday IoT Wish List. For this years holiday season, retailers are stocking up on Internet of Things for this year. 68% of US adults plan on buying technology gifts – that accounts for about 170 million people. Some of the top IoT items: Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker, Connected Toy, Smart thermostat, VR headset and more.

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