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Twitter’s CPMs fall 18% over the last year. Twitter’s CPM fell to $4.29 according to ad index from SalesForce. Facebook on the other hand, saw its CPM rise to $6.33. Why is this big news? With 80% of Instagram’s users coming from international users, the higher the CMP, the more revenue. For Twitter, they have lowered their second quarter revenue guidance.



If you are a Millennial, good chance you use Mobile Banking. While consumers have been reluctant to give up paying by cash or credit card, banks have been meeting mobile expectations. 87% already use mobile banking and expect the banking experience to change even more in the future. Security and personal information are still a concern for many and everyone wants faster banking speed. Are you using mobile banking?



For Millennials living in Canada, they better understand why they receive certain ads. They are more aware, nearly 80% of millennials, that they were served ads based on their browsing history. There is a large gap between millennials and total internet users on this understanding. Overall, it sounds like the internet users would prefer to interact with branded content. Thanks Canada for the data points.



The hacked Dropbox data is now for sale. last week I shared about how Dropbox was hacked and the data of 68 million users was breached. Well, that data is now for sale in the dark net marketplace. The good news is that there has not been any reports of the data being sold – the stolen passwords were hashed and salted. Hopefully, the next time a company gets breached, they don’t wait so long to disclose.


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