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BOOK REVIEW: Social Media Networking: How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want, Find Love, Get Business Success and Boost Your Travel Experience

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I love this book by Tim Lewis. What I really like about this book is learning more about Tim and his transition from the IS/IT world to publishing, along with how social played a role along the way. Tim outlines great real-life examples through interviews with 20+ peers and professionals that have used social as a way to find a new career, opportunities, a partner, travel opportunities and so on.

There are great examples and explanation what social is and how to social network. I met Tim through Twitter Chats, which support lots of the points within this book – that with social, you can meet and engage with other peers no matter what the geography is. Other thing I like about this book is that I have engaged with several of the interviewees, so it was good to see their stories and how social impacted them

If you are new to social, Tim gives some quick pointers on where to start and what social channels to expand it. This is a really good resource to have for real-life examples of social and how they have had a positive impact on others. Plus, you might just learn something about someone you follow, thus building upon those social relationships…what this book is all about.

This review is just my personal opinion and reflection of the book.

Bernie Fussenegger , Digital & Social Solutions @B2The7

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