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With disruption and innovation, it is the customer who will benefit, but how well does your staff adjust and adapt their ability to support that same disruption and innovation? The teams need to be supported with the right tools that allow for agility, innovation and integration. You definitely need to be able to retain your talent and develop that talent as well as recruit the best talent available.

It also lies within the individuals themselves. How do they react to change in general? This can be with processes, quick changes, leadership changes etc. Many times they can fall into the “this is the way we have always done it” approach, which will hamper your ability for any changes, disruption or innovation internally.

Something that I have learned over the years is to be very agile and flexible, innovation and change is always going to happen. Take every change as an opportunity to grow and to learn – remember that there are always differnet approaches to achieve something and when new professionals come on board, you can learn new efficiencies etc.

Disruption and innovation is great for the end customer, make sure you and your teams are also ready to support it.

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