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Fitness Trackers Lead Wearable Devices. For the last quarter, shipments of wearable devices increased 26% over last year (23 million units). There are 2 types of wearables – Basic and Smart with Basic accounting for 83% of those shipped…More

GoPro reached $1 Billion Before Collecting Any Data. GoPro reached $1 billion without collecting any data but now is transforming into a data-driven organization…More

Using Social Media to Drive Brand Awareness. 41% of consumers say that they have purchased a product as a result of an ad they saw on a social network. Consumers are also likely to take more serious the recommendations of their friends or connections around brands and their value…More

eMail on Mobile Devices Is Rising. With the rise of Mobile, something has to fall, and that is Webmail. In 2016, responsive design is being adopted more, more personalization is present, email is more targeted, preferences are given so that the email subscriber has control and more engagement programs are being developed…More

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