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Google Acquisition of Twitter? Google has been thinking about acquiring Twitter since Twitter’s launch in July 2008. Google/Alphabet has hired Lazard to evaluate the deal for Google. Social has not been a strong suit of Google and a deal with Twitter would help build out their social strategy. Google and Twitter do have a deal which allows Google to pull in every real-time tweet into search results.

Who is Collecting Your Data? Think about all the businesses that are using data to drive their customer experiences. Now think about all the third-parties that are driving the back end experience. These thrid-parties can be ISPs, cloud services or content delivery networks, which 45% of the internet traffic passes through. What people may not realize is that these third-parties could be tracking and selling online behaviors as data. The FCC is now cracking down on some of these third-parties but businesses should also hold these third-parties responsible for their actions within their agreements. It’s time for all third-parties to hold themselves to a higher standard and disclose what they do with consumers’ data.

The US Government & Internet Functions. After a long legal battle with activists, the US Government has given up control of the technical management of the internet. ICANN (Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers) will not take control over the organization of unique online identifiers. This will now be governed by academics, technical experts, private industry and government representatives, public interest and individual users around the world.

Customer Retention and Marketing. More and more organizations are increasing their spending around customer retention and loyalty. 32% of executives polled in Europe and the US said their customer retention efforts were instrumental in creating sources of referrals and recommendations from existing customers. Another survey found that 50% of software professionals planned to increase customer retention-related spending in areas like staffing, technology and retention programs.

Millennials, IoT and Security. 66%$ of consumers are concerned about IoT devices being hacked, according to KPMG Consumer Loss Barometer. 32% have limited their use of IoT devices because of security concerns. One consistent across all generations is that more people would use more IoT devices if they had more confidence in security.

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