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BOOK REVIEW: Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success

Authors – Ryan Foland & Leonard Kim

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“Ditch The Act” had me hooked from the first page as I couldn’t believe how honest both Leonard and Ryan were from the beginning – it was a personal connection from page one, I had to read on and soak it all in. They laid it all out there for everyone to read and it showed how their honesty, their authenticity and when it comes from the heart, has positive results both professionally and personally.

This is a book that helps you take action while you are reading it…constantly thinking, taking notes, using the tools within the book and seeing how it can apply in real life. I was taking the learnings and using them in real-time for myself and getting results. But, you have to work at it and there are actionable pages that will help you get started in driving your brand differentiation and growth.

Some of the key takeaways were self reflection, personal exposure, digging deep, being honest with yourself and others, along with self-evaluation. These are all actions that will not only help you to be a better person but to also be a better leader in your professional career and getting the most our of your teams. We are not all perfect and it is alright to show your flaws and the human side of your struggles because people relate and accept the truth.

In short, this is a perfect book for building your personal and professional brands with actionable tools within the book to guide your through the process.

This review is just my personal opinion and reflection of the book.
Bernie Fussenegger , Digital & Social Solutions @B2The7

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