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eMail still continues to be the top ROI eCRM program. With that said, you still need to do daily optimization of your programs to ensure you are getting the most you can. This past week I focused on A/B testing, testing tools and areas where you can being testing along with how important content is.

Below are thought starters from last weeks updates.

Monday Update
eMail continues to be the top ROI eCRM program for many Marketers.

A/B testing within eMail should be part of your program – test, make adjustments, measure and then do it all over again. The behaviors of your eMail subscribers are changing daily, so your programs should also change to meet their needs. To start with the basics, you should A/B test creative, subject lines, offers, offer vs newsletter style, copy and button placement. Start of small, gain learning and as you begin to get comfortable, layer in different types of A/B tests.

Tuesday Update
Before you begin to optimize your emails or to make them responsive, you need to get a better understanding of how your customers are engaging with your emails. It is good to know what email client they are using, using mobile or desktop, time spent reading and even the email domain. Once you know the who and what, you are now in a position to make changes – I use a service called which is very cost effective and a must have tool.

Wednesday Update
eMail next steps for customer engagement is the A/B testing of subject lines. Set a strategy and the rules of what you want to accomplish – now run the tests. Analyze your results and then implement your finding. You don’t stop there, this is an ongoing customer learning experience. Many of the major ESPs have A/B testing functionality build into their tools – plus there are other vendors that specialize in eMail testing.

Thursday Update
Something fun for Thursday – Snapchat or Instagram for stories?

Friday Update
eMail content – content is king. When working on what you want your email content to be, remember that the content is NOT what you want but what YOUR customers want. Create your strategy with an understanding of your customers and the segments they belong to – you will want different content for each segment of your database. Look at copy format, email format, seasonal content and most importantly, test, test and then test again.

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