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Facebook Mobile Ad Revenue Rising. eMarketer estimates that the ad revenue from Mobile ads to be near $30 billion in 2017. Double digit growth in ad revenue is expected through 2018. The Facebook properties of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger continue to grow and they have made changes to the apps to better monetize.

Where Are Your Ecommerce Sources? Yopo collected data from 65 million ecommerce that represented $2 billion in transactions over 120,000 ecommerce stores. 74% of source traffic is direct and search which leaves plenty of room for improvement with social and paid media. Another item to keep your eye on is the amount of time a user will spend on your site based on channel.

Hispanic Millennials and Mobile Marketing. The Hispanic population will have purchasing power of $1.7 trillion by 2020 and Hispanics are heavy user of mobile devices. This is where it is important to target the correct consumers and to deliver the correct message for this segment.

Live Nations Connecting Sponsors with Fans. Live Nation has partnered with Cisco for WiFi connectivity at 10 venues in 2017. This will allow Live Nation to better communicate to concern goers through their app with Geo-fencing. This also give Live Nation more data on the visitor, such as how many tickets they purchased, what they purchased at the concession stand which will allow Live Nation to retarget to these customers at a later date.

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