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Snapchat’s $25 Billion IPO. Snapchat is preparing for a March IPO at around $25 Billion. Snapchat is currently cash positive and looking for even bigger growth with ad revenue over the next couple years. It is projected that Snapchat will make over $366 million this year, and it is expected to grow to over $935 million next year. The growth is seen with its younger users and Snapchat is playing to that strength. Currently, Discover generates 43% of ad revenue and only expected to grow next year.

AT&T and T-Mobile have halted all Samsung Note 7. It has been over a month since news broke that Samsung first issued their first recall of the Galaxy Note 7 phone because of battery flaw. AT&T, based on recent reports will not be exchanging new Note 7s until pending investigations. Just this weekend, there was another episode when a replacement device caught fire in Virginia just a couple days after a device overheated on a flight leaving Louisville, Kentucky. If you have a Note 7…go to your latest retail location for more details around your phone and if it can be replaced.

Push Notifications Done Right. With push notification, with every misstep you could be reducing open rates, engagement rates and retention. You risk intercepting and irritating your users. Notification sent earlier in the week tend to perform better than those sent later in the week. According to a study by Tabjoy, the best frequency of Push is weekly. The more personalized you can be, the better the engagement. The best performing types of push messages are adventure games (69.57%), followed by trivia games (33.33%), and puzzle/strategy games (29.43%).

Webinar: The Hidden Costs of a Broken Creative Process: Stop Wasting Your Time and Money Tuesday – October 25, 2016 – 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT
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