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The “Regain” area is where your lapsing and lapsed customer live.

With Regain, the focus of the communications and activity is based on reactivation and getting them back engaged with the brand. Keep in mind the the customers in reach have stopped engaging, ordering or their frequency has fallen outside their normal frequency.

What you want to achieve with Regain…

📌 Understand why your customers are in this area
📌 Out-reach strategy to talk with this group
📌 Move back to the retain campaign
📌 Win-back messages to get them engaged
📌 Allow customers to opt-down instead of opting out
📌 Lifecycle continuation with focus on message/offer
📌 Omni-Channel continuation with focus on message/offer
📌 Personalized content with focus on message/offer
📌 1:1 Communication with focus on message/offer
📌 Monitor what is working and not – A/B testing of the messages and tone


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