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This past week I focused again SMS Marketing – this is the one eCRM tool that brands don’t fully understand how to utilize. No other tool has a 90% open/read rate within 15 minutes of receiving – that is powerful and shows how important your messaging needs to be.

SMS is an engagement utility that is very personal to the customer that has chosen to hear from your brand. Think of SMS as more of a offer driver but as a utility that can help improve the customer experience.

As you grow your SMS database, to it with Quality subscribers – with SMS, I do not agree with “acquiring” or “renting” SMS lists to send to.

SMS is for Marketing and should also be used as a utility. Set your strategy to get the most of this eCRM tool.


Monday Update

Since there is so much to talk about with SMS, I have decided to spend another week on this important eCRM tool. When people think of receiving SMS from a brand, they think of the offers and specials they will receive. For the brand, you need to also look at SMS as a “utility!” Give your customers the ability to receive order confirmation SMS, account change notification SMS, forgot password SMS and so on. Let people interact with your brand with the channel they want to engage with.


Tuesday Update

What is the difference between SMS and MMS messages? SMS stands for “short message service” and has a limit of 160 characters and is pretty static in nature. MMS on the other hand stand for “multimedia messaging service” and this allows you to send messages with pictures, video and even audio. For a brand, this gives you two options to choose from and each message you send out can vary depending on what you want your message to be.


Published on Tuesday++++

6 Simple Steps for Managing and Keeping Your Day-to-Day Goals

It all starts the minute you walk into your place of employment and many times it starts right when you wake-up each day. You are bombarded with requests, emails, text messages, phone calls and people standing at your office wanting something. Goals and how you reach them apply to every profession and all types of work.

You need to have the ability to take control of your day so that you meet your goals and also so that you can help meet the goals of those team members that you support. Before you can begin to successful help others, you really need to focus on where your attention needs to be and how not to be distracted with tasks that are unimportant or not needed for that day.

Read more –


Wednesday Update

If you have a simple SMS program, you can begin to take it to the next level by targeting your audiences differently and with personalization. To help maximize sales and engagement, create content that is as relevant as possible to the subscriber – use your customer data to help drive these segments and the content you send to them.

Data point ideas – personalization Personalization, past purchases, lapse customers, location based, behavioral, retargeting, segmentation based on set parameters and so on.


Thursday Update

With your texting program, you send the following:
C) Both
D) Don’t have a texting program


Friday Update

As with email, it is important to grow your SMS list with QUALITY, not quantity. The cost to send a SMS message will be more expensive than email, but the ROI and engagement can be much higher, that is why it is very important to treat these customers different than you would with email. Your SMS subscribers have given you their cell phone numbers, something that is very personal to them. You must treat that customer with great respect and not abuse the trust those customers have given you – it is a huge step for a customers to say YES to SMS messages.


Published on Friday++++

Facebook to preload brands mobile sites; Apple Watch owners want internet; SalesForce and Analytics for B2B; Dropbox was hacked 4 years ago.

Facebook is now going to preload a brands mobile site. With mobile performance and the time is takes for some site to load, this is going to be a big benefit for the end user…

Tick, Tick, Tick: As more and more IOT (Internet of Things) devices are becoming standalone, the Apple Watch owners are now wanting the ability to connect to the internet without their smartphone…

In the Analytics world, SalesForce is extending analytics into the B2B market…

Drop This: Dropbox was hacked was 4 years ago that could have affected up to 68 million accounts. If you are like myself, and have been using Dropbox for years, you would have received an email last week asking users to change their passwords…

More news –

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