If social channels go away tomorrow… How important do platforms such as your Website, eMail, Text, Blog, Podcast or Video then become for you & others?

The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it keeps growing and expanding with Digital Innovations. It is the understanding of how the new innovations and technology will impact the customers. Multi-platform marketing. Using data, social media, eCRM, e-commerce &

What is your digital marketing point of emphasis for 2017? 1) SEO/SEM 2) eCRM – email, SMS, Push 3) Native App 4) Social 5) Website 6) Mobile 7) Customer experience 8) Customer journeys 9) Other Digital is not one tool

Would like your thoughts around paid SMS acquisition programs? My take is that it is in the best interest of your brand to not acquire any cell numbers from any third party vendors. The liability for your brand is too

How you grow your eCRM databases is important. Organic growth is the best, but I have tested some eMail acquisition partners with good success – you can be very targeted in the type of subscriber you are looking for. Look

Brand question – What brands, that you have engaged with, did a good job of using incentives to get you to sign up for their eCRM programs? Reward and Loyalty programs are two areas where the incentives make sense and

eMail and SMS incentives – incentives are great for building your eCRM databases but how loyal are the customers you are bringing into your programs? You do need to give your customers the value of signing up to be part

Ways your brand can utilize SMS – Promotional, order confirmation, account changes, forgot password, automatic triggers based on data and behavior, app download, keywords for specific behaviors and so on. Let people interact with your brand with the channel they

How are you growing your SMS database? This is the one area where I’m pretty adamant about growing the SMS database organically through your own channels, such as your website, email programs, socially, POP materials and in-store. I do not

As you begin your SMS strategy you will want to see what data points you are capturing. The more data points, the more engaging programs you can begin to run. Some high level programs you could be doing –  personalization,