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One thing I read and hear many times when reading about other categories, businesses and brands etc., is what they think is best for their customers. The important thing being what THEY think…

That begs the question of how well do you understand your brand and your customers? Just because you are a leader, work for, or own the brand, you are not necessarily your customer.

As a brand leader, some decisions will be made on what you personally want to see, or how you personally want to be communicated to, or the features you want to see without ever asking the customer what they want and what they have pain points with.

This is where you take the time to really understand your customer. Look at how they are engaging with your brand, ask them why, ask them how, ask them what they like or dislike, engage with them personally and with surveys (reward them for their feedback), go to your stores and observe your customers and look at all the different needs your customers have.

Once you understand what your customers want, you can better deliver on those expectations.


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