Customer service, customer experience and how you treat your customers goes a long way in building a long term relationship and building customer loyalty. Why it is important with one example to stand apart. 🎯 Check out one example to

🚨 Attention retail, coffee shops and restaurant owners 🍕🍔🌮☕️ You want to increase your sales, transactions, comps and improve the customer experiences… …but don’t know how or have the time. 🤔 This is where my 20 years of running proven

Each person and brand define engagement differently. How do you define engagement and how are you measuring it? Thoughts?

Chick-Fil-A is one of those brands that is not without controversy in some of their stances & beliefs. What are they doing to build that customer loyalty?

Do you think brands are using customer data efficiently enough to provide more relevant content & CX for their audiences? Who is doing it right?

Why Relationship Marketing? Think of relationship marketing as building a long term relationship with your customers by building loyalty with the brand. #Digital360chat #digital #marketing #social #relationshipmarketing 

Ask yourself why your customers should buy your products and not your competitors. #Digital360chat #digital #marketing #customers

Why Content Marketing? Builds loyalty w/customers by delivering content based on data, history and past behaviors. #Digital360chat #Content #ContentStrategy #contentmarketing

Why Content Marketing? Good content encourages likes, comments, engagement and sharing opportunities! #Digital360chat #digital #content #contentmarketing #contentcreator

If you or your internal teams don’t understand your programs or messages, how can you expect your customers to understand them? #Digital360chat #Content #contentmarketing #ContentCreator