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Social is for listening, engaging and building a more long term relationship with your audience. It isn’t always about selling but creating engaging and relevant content for YOUR audience, not you.

carrying-casual-cheerful-1162964Data – Use data to talk to your customer, to understand what channels your customers prefer.

Metrics – Forget the vanity metrics and measure shares and engagement along with conversation.

Channels to consider – The channels you want to focus on goes back to the data. Use the data to understand what channels your customers prefer and then focus on those channels first. Start small, gain results and then grow your social preference based on where the data is telling you to go.

  • Twitter – Use Twitter for listening, targeting and engaging customer with relevant content and building the long term relationships. Strive to become part of the conversations, which doesn’t look forced.
  • Facebook – You have your brand page, but look at how a Facebook Group can be a benefit to engage your more loyal customers.
  • LinkedIn – More B2B but still good to have a presence.
  • Instagram – Tell your story with pictures.

The above channels are the ones that I prefer to engage customers. There are others that might be more relevant, if so, target your customer where they are.

Hashtags – Hashtags are a great way to target specific customers on all the channels. Know who you are going after and use the relevant hashtag.

Want more? – I’m always open for questions and can help consult you in any part of your digital and social programs or approach.

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