An optimized LinkedIn profile will help you stand out, will help you show up in search results, and will give more details about your professional career. This awareness gives you more opportunities for connecting with others, networking, and with recruiters

I joined Robert Sieger with a fascinating discussion about Twitter, #Digital360Chat, Careerbarn and targeting & engaging with social! The 10 minutes just wasn’t enough! Check out the chat here on LinkedIn

Social is for listening, engaging and building a more long term relationship with your audience. It isn’t always about selling but creating engaging and relevant content for YOUR audience, not you. Data – Use data to talk to your customer,

Do you know what your Social Selling Index (SSI) is? You may not even know that LinkedIn offers this resource to see how you are doing with your social selling. Your Social Selling Index (SSI) measures how effective you are

Which social media channel are you going to focus more on in 2019? – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – LinkedIn Would love to see how the LinkedIn perspective differs from Twitter users. Here is a link to my Twitter

Check out the newly created LinkedIn Group that is based on the #Digital360Chat Twitter Chat. ++++GROUP NAME++++ #Digital360Chat: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and the Customer ++++++++++++++++++ This is a group for professionals to connect, learn, share tips,

The evolution of LinkedIn over the years has been fun to watch. I created my account on October 24, 2007. When did you create yours? At the end of 2007, LinkedIn had around 16.4 million members. It launched LinkedIn Answers.

Day 2 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Barrel Heads KY (Decorative products from reclaimed KY Bourbon Barrels) Does anything say Kentucky more than Bourbon or horse racing? And, as we get closer to the Kentucky Derby, what a great time to give

Day 1 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – RZ Barnwood Art (Works of Art from Reclaimed Materials) Renee Alanna Zoeller McCartan is a local artist who uses oil paintings on reclaimed barn wood. When she paints, she reflects on the fragment of Kentucky

This coming week, starting Monday, 4/16, I’m going to do a #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut. The idea is to call attention each day to a different local business or individual that is unique, not necessarily known and offers something that you can’t necessary