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InTheSpotlight Recap: Christina Ann (@AlohaAscension)

Social media Do’s and Don’ts for Brands…

Social media Do’s and Don’ts for Brands… We have seen what happens when a brand does the wrong thing on social, and most times it comes back to really hurt. What are your social do’s and don’ts for brands?

Can you say what you do in your career or job in 10 words or less?

Can you say what you do in your career or job in 10 words or less? After you know your what (and peeps understand it), it should be enough for someone to then ask the “why” and “how”.

Networking and connecting tips.

We all want to grow more connections and followers. Set expectations, send a message each time you send a connection request of why you want to connect and what they can expect from your content. For example… ✍️ I use

InTheSpotlight Recap: John Cloonan (@johncloonan)

Everyday is a fresh start for your brand and your content!

Your content goals might be some of the following… To solve the problems of your customers Define your audience Define the channels your audience prefers Attract new customers Engage with existing and new customers Develop relevant content Develop sharable and

You may love or you may dislike Amazon, but they are winning

Amazon is winning in so many different industries, what do you feel are they doing different for their customers to stand apart? Thoughts?

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