Why Work with B2The7? Director of Digital & Content Marketing possessing 15+ years of digital and social expertise in performance marketing, ecommerce, and web content development. Demonstrating high-level proficiency with targeted relationship building and marketing, personalized 1:1 communications with customer journeys, CRM and eCRM, and omni-channel (CDP) consulting. Expertise includes the ability to collaboratively identify innovative technologies to reach new audiences and exceed revenue targets. Host of the #Digital360Chat (Every Friday at 12pm ET) on Twitter.

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Taking Advantage of Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a group of Twitter accounts that show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that List. Lists makes it easy to follow and engage with others. You can create your own Lists or follow

Building Your Email Marketing List The Right Way

Email is still has one of the highness ROIs and still one of my fave digital tools. In building a list, it begins with trust and the “why should I join”. And you want quality over quantity all day long.

Defining your campaign or program KPIs

Define the program or campaign KPIs for success as part of the strategy from the beginning of your planning process. KPIs help define success or failure. KPIs should be part of EVERY campaign that you create and will be different

Loyalty Programs and Rewarding Your Customers

A loyalty program is a great marketing strategy to reward customers based on their behavior and engagement with the brand. There are 4 high level areas of why… 1) The data you are collecting2) Reach customers3) Retain customers4) Regain customers

BRANDING: “Brands are Missing Out on Social”

Watch how brands are missing ▶️ https://youtu.be/LSzJiE-GDBs ‪#socialmedia #audiences #socialchannels #business #success #digital #digitalmarketing #communications #networking‬

Boost Engagement with Email Marketing

Hopefully brands are listening to their audiences and are delivering content and value that meets their current needs and expectations. Remember, the customers have raised their had and said they want to hear from you. 🎯 Examples of boosting engagement

‘Going Viral’ on Social Media

By definition, it is a piece of content (video, image or news) that has become incredibly popular and is being viewed and shared thousands/millions of times. Is ‘going viral’ a strategy you should deploy for your content? I have thoughts

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