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Reaching your audience with the right message or content, in the right format is a challenge.

It helps to understand what content your audience prefers and engages best with. ❓ Do you know what that content is? ❓ Do you know where to start? Start small and start simple with content (A/B) testing. Content testing is


📌 It’s important to understand who your audience is 📌 It’s important to understand the channel your audience prefers to be in. 📌 It’s important to create content that is relevant and what your audience expects Resources for small brands

InTheSpotlight Recap: Monina Wagner (@MoninaW)

Recap of our 2/14/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Monina Wagner (@MoninaW) – Building community at @CMIContent #CMWorld and #ContentTECH. #DisneyMP alum. Love lumpia and lacrosse. Perpetually trying to be the cool mom. Monina not Monica.

Mobile apps provide a ton of value WHEN the content…

👉 Is relevant & of value 👉 Is personalized 👉 Encourages engagement and loyalty 🙌 What Mobile Apps do you use daily and why? Comment below 👇👇 🗣 Some quick Mobile App stats… 📌 Statista, 2018 reports Global mobile data

How many of my connections are also on Twitter?

I’m pretty active on Twitter and would like to connect on Twitter as well. 
If you are not familiar with Twitter or Twitter Chats, I want to introduce you to these chats. 
Twitter Chats… 📌 Happen weekly 📌 Chats are

The brand of you!

Branding is not easy, what are some of the challenges you face when branding of your personal brand? Thoughts?

Everyone has a secret for success on social – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It is pretty simple…and you don’t have to pay for any special secrets… If you do the following, you will grow your networks, you will learn a ton from others and you will build community. 📌 Listen 📌 Engage 📌

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