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InTheSpotlight Recap: Peter Goral (@ArtsandClouds)

Recap of our 4/3/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Peter Goral (@ArtsandClouds) – Amplifier Of Brands, Accomplished Artist, RadioHost, Executive Advisor to #CEO’s, Social Media Strategist, Social Connector, Micro-Influencer

Being consistent, engaging and providing value on social is important.

What are some tools you use to schedule content? #Digital360Chat Thoughts?

How are people using technology during social distancing?

What are some of the ways peeps are using technology during this time of social distancing? #Digital360Chat Thoughts?

With many of us remote…what tools are helping you succeed?

With many of us remote, what are some of the ways/tools you are currently using to stay in touch with co-workers, family and friends? Thoughts? 👇 👇

People have superstitions

People have superstitions – They can include crossing the path of a black cat, stepping on a sidewalk crack, breaking a mirror and walking under a ladder. What are some of the superstitions you have?

InTheSpotlight Recap: Robyn Stevens (@robynstevensPR)

Recap of our 3/13/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Robyn Stevens (@robynstevensPR) – Publicist w/ TV experts – finance, tech, nutrition, millennial, fitness, fashion, lifestyle | brands @todayshow @yahoo @qvc @cnn @gma @nasdaq @msnbc @cheddar

Productivity is important in moving forward and meeting your goals

Productivity is important in moving forward and meeting your goals, deadlines etc, what are some of the #productivity tools you are using (home or work)? Thoughts? 👇👇

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