Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be a guest at several conferences and with several #Twitter Chats.

I love having the ability to share with others the experience that I have gained over the years as it pertains to the digital experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content and Performance Marketing.

Below are some of the highlights…

The Top 113 Digital Marketing Experts To Follow

October 28, 2022 – Now Marketing Groups Top 113 Digital Marketing Experts

One of the best things about working in digital marketing is that there is no shortage of amazing individuals to follow online. 

Whether you’re interested in Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google My Business, you name it. There are dozens of people that specialize in every single area that exemplify leadership, teamwork, and creativity on a daily basis. 

It is an honor to be included on this list of so many digital marketing professionals and peers. Thank you to NOW Marketing Group and Jessika Phillips for including. Good to know that I’m doing something right that is making a difference for others.

Click here to check out the list

Starting Additional Income Streams: Savvy Strategies For Building Successful Side Hustles
Holy Side-Hustle Batman! What an incredible chat!

July 27, 2022 – Guest on the #WinnieSun Twitter Chat

Holy Side-Hustle Batman! What an incredible chat! HUGE thanks to @mowenranger, @Ross_Quintana, and @B2the7 for sharing their brilliance with us today and to YOU for joining us!


Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marketing on Twitter 

February 17, 2022 – Guest on the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat

Questions and topics we will cover.

Q1: What is D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q2: What are some good examples of D2C marketing on Twitter? #TwitterSmarter
Q3: What are the types of D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q4: What’s the role of a consumer strategy in D2C marketing? #TwitterSmarter
Q5: What are the essential parts of a consumer strategy? #TwitterSmarter
Q6: How do you handle the marketing funnel (awareness, interest, and consideration) under a D2C marketing process? #TwitterSmarter
Q7: How do you implement a D2C marketing strategy? #TwitterSmarter
Q8: Share some resources to learn more about D2C marketing. #TwitterSmarter

Check out the chat Recap

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Was honored to be a guest on the #piratebroadcast

June 9, 2021 Live streaming broadcast

I had the opportunity to join Russ John’s again on his #piratebroadcast to talk more about my past experiences at Papa John’s, my B2The7 brand, the roll-out of Three Ring Circus and the importance of brands using digital and social media to listen, engage and building long term loyalty.

It was a ton of fun and take a listen to learn more about myself.

The Pirate Broadcast is hosted by Russ John’s where he interviews interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community, kindness is cool and smiles are free.

Check out the streaming broadcast replay

Coffee With Bob on LinkedIn
May 7, 2021 LinkedIn LiveStream

Always fun to be a guest of Bob (Robert Sieger) on his ☕️ #CoffeeWithBobLIVE show.

We had a great conversation around my past experiences with Papa John’s Pizza, my newest mentor with B2The7 and some exciting new around a partnership with Three Ring Circus.

Check out how I can help your brand with B2The7 and Three Ring Circus along with the video recap. Click here

Episode #300 – Bernie Fussenegger gets REAL about helping Brands increase revenues
March 3/2021

It was an honor to be the #300 guest on the Be Real Show with host Travis ‘2TALLIN’ Huff.

We spend a lot of time talking about…

📌 Digital, social, engaging with audiences.
📌 Customer journeys and omni-channels and strategy.
📌 The #Digital360Chat Twitter Chat
📌 How customer expections have changed
📌 How brands need to start listening and building their social relationships differently.
📌 Not one message for everyone but more targeted and personalized.
📌 And social and digital in general.

Travis is full of energy and a great host. Check out the podcast below in the comments 👇👇👇

Guest on the Let’s Get Real Show with Shane Shaps
February 15, 2021

Honored to be a guest of Shane’s on her “Let’s Get Real” Show!

Two friends who met on Twitter, though they live in the same city, talk real conversation on social. Today we dig into how both big brands and small companies can show their personality and be a real human being, even behind a keyboard.

If your brand isn’t sure how to be human online, this is a great one to watch – full of examples and anecdotes!

For more on this episode, please visit:

#USABizParty talks​ #ContentMarketing​ (LiveStream) with Bernie Fussenegger – February 2, 2021

What does #ContentMarketing mean to you?

Check out the After Chat discussion with Anna Scheller on 2/2/21 around #ContentMarketing, #SocialMedia and the importance of Twitter Chats to help you gain more insights to improve your programs and approach.

Lots of fun and if you have time, you can pick up a few tips.

Check out the LiveStream 👇👇

Twitter Chat Guest – #USABizParty
February 2, 2021
Topic – ‪#Content Marketing

Chat intro | Question 1Question 2 | Question 3 | Question 4 | Question 5 | Question 6 | Question 7 | Question 8 | Question 9 | Thanks Tweet

Marketing Monday’s with Ira Bowman

1/18/21 – Guest on the Marketing Monday’s with Ira Bowman

Want to improve your marketing reach? Have marketing questions? Interested in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of traditional or digital marketing?

If you answered yes check out this episode Marketing Mondays with Ira Bowman!

I was honored to join Ira on his show to talk about marketing, digital, social and even our hair styles!

Lots of fun and if you have time, you can pick up a few tips

Check out the show

Twitter Secrets: How to Get The Most Out of Twitter Chats

January 14, 2021, 12:00 to 12:30pm PT – Presenters: Tod Cordill and Bernie Fussenegger.

Two friends who met on Twitter will provide their different perspectives on how to get the most out of Twitter Chats.

Learn what a Twitter Chat is and why you may want to participate in them.

You’ll also get ideas on how to create your own style for engaging in chats, as well as tools and processes that help you get started.

Check out the presentation below.

Guest on the first ever Beyond the Chat

January 12, 2021 Facebook Live Stream after Chat guest

It was an honor to be the first guest on the Beyond the Chat FB stream with Mo Wagner of the Content Marketing Institute.

We spend some time talking about digital, social, B2The7, Careerbarn and of course the power of Twitter and chats.

The #CMWorld community is a special one. I have been active in their community for a couple years and in 2019, I went to the Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland and got to meet so many peeps “In Real Life” – showing the power of Twitter.

Check out the conversation

How Email Marketing Can Work for You

January 12, 2021 – Guest on the #CMWorld Twitter Chat

Looking for tips for successful email marketing? I was a guest on the 1/12/21 #CMWorld Twitter Chat were we chatted about the following.

– Why is email still one of the most effective marketing strategies
– First steps to take is an email marketing campaign
– Ensuring your reader has the best success
– Suggestions for building an email list
– How can marketers stay in compliance while improving the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts

Check out the chat Recap

Twitter Chat Guest – #LeadLoudly
December 10, 2020
Topic – ‪Building A Better Nest On  Twitter‬

Chat intro | Question 1Question 2 | Question 3 | Question 4 | Question 5 | Question 6 | Question 7 | Thanks Tweet

21 Influencers Share Stellar Advice for Digital Marketing in 2021

December 3, 2020 Article Mention

2020 was anything but predictable. But what can we learn and apply to our digital marketing and communications strategies in 2021?

Michelle Garrett asked 21 influencers to share their thoughts on this question: What one piece of marketing advice would you offer to brands as we head into the new year?

Was honored to be included and my marketing advice for 2021 – ”The advice I offer brands in 2021 is to listen to your customers and what their needs are. There has been a shift in customer expectations and how they engage with brands with digital leading the way. New programs and solutions need to meet the new behaviors, audiences need to see the value and convenience proposition and the experiences need to look at short term needs while building toward long term solutions and brand loyalty. You either stand apart or you get left behind.”

Check out the insights that others had to share…

All Things Hiring Podcast Guest

December 2, 2020 Podcast Guest

Hosted by Kelly Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Panna Knows – talking about all things hiring from one recruiter’s perspective.

The Podcast covered…

👉 COVID and today’s current environment
👉 Digital Innovation & Technology
👉 Power of LinkedIn, connecting & Networking
👉 Careerbarn & helping others
👉 Twitter and Twitter Chats
👉 B2The7 solo branding & PJ career
👉 Importance of social media and networking
👉 My Career Plans

🔗 Check out the Podcast and let me know your thoughts!

Predictions to Building a Craveable Brand in 2021

November 27, 2020 Article Mention – NOW Marketing Group

NOW Marketing Group asked some of their favorite digital smarties on what their predictions are on what they have to say. We asked for their best tips/insights and predictions on how you build a #Craveable brand in 2021.

In 2020, there has been many changes that have impacted not only customers/audiences but also the brands themselves.

Here are three areas of focus that I see for 2021 (read article for full insights):

– Shift in Customer Expectations
– Digital Focus & Transformation
– Personalization

Check out what other Marketers had to say along with their tips.

Read the entire article

Guest on the Friendsgiving Throwdown Tweetchat Recap Livestream!

November 18, 2020 Live streaming broadcast

Hosted by Winnie Sun (Manager Director of the Sun Group Wealth Partners and host of the #WinnieSun Chat on Twitter).

The discussion today was around
– Why being transparent is important.
– What we have learned during the pandemic.
– What we are focusing on in the last part of 2020
– And a little more about myself and what I have been up to.

Check out the recap and let me know your thoughts!

(What is cool, it that it was also streamed on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and LinkedIn.)

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Special Guest on the #piratebroadcast

October 29, 2020 Live streaming broadcast

On Thursday, 10/29/20, I became a PIRATE!!! I had the opportunity to join Russ John’s on his #piratebroadcast to talk more about my career and my future career direction, how Careerbarn is helping others, using Twitter and my #Digital360Chat and the importance of brands using digital and social media to listen, engage and build long term loyalty.

It was a ton of fun and take a listen to learn more about myself.

The Pirate Broadcast is hosted by Russ John’s where he interviews interesting people doing interesting things where you can expand your connections, your community, kindness is cool and smiles are free. And let’s get this party started.

Check out the streaming broadcast replay

Coffee With Bob on LinkedIn

October 15, 2020 Video Interview
Topic – Bernie Fussenegger joins me today with a fascinating discussion about Twitter, #Digital360Chat, Careerbarn and targeting & engaging with social! The 10 minutes just wasn’t enough!

Watch the Video – Coffee With Bob

How to Turn Twitter From Confusing to Community (By Joining These 5 TweetChats) by Ryan Foland

August 6, 2020 Article Mention
Topic – Here are some tips and tricks to grow your network one tweet at a time. Each social media platform has its own culture, subculture, set of rules, best practices, tips, tricks, hacks, and algorithms. If you are not careful, your head will start spinning while trying to understand it all. I am here to tell you that you don’t need to be on all platforms, as that can get really distracting trying to moderate them all.

Read the entire article

Twitter Chat – #USAMfgHour
April 16, 2020
Topic – Email Marketing for Manufacturer – Chat Recap

Chat Twitter Page | Chat intro | Chat Thanks

32 Experts Reveal Their B2B Marketing Strategies for 2020

April 7, 2020 Article Mention
Topic – In this article, we’ve got together 32 Top Marketing Experts from across the globe who share their views and insights on “B2B Marketing Strategies For 2020“.

More Info

Twitter Chat – #CoolerChat
February 25, 2020
Topic – Dynamic discussion on #digitalmarketing & community building with Twitter Chats.

Building a Craveable Brand in 2020: Experts Share Their Best Tips
February, 2020 Blog post mention
Topic – Building a Craveable brand in 2020 means that people want to be a part of the brand because you are authentic, transparent, engaging, genuine and have built trust with your audience that THEY want to tell others about you.

More Info

Social Media Online Summit 2020
February 7-9, 2020
Topic – Twitter Chats for Businesses and Brands

More Info

Twitter Chat – #WinnieSun
January 29, 2020
Topic – 2020 Vision – TweetChat Tribe Throwdown #WinnieSun TweetChat

Twitter Chat – #TacoChat
December 17, 2019
Topic – Building your email marketing program

5 Important Steps for a Successful Email Newsletter Launch
December 12, 2019
Topic – Email is not close to being dead and is still one of the most effective ROI channels. Alek Irvin talks about 5 Important Steps for a Successful Email Newsletter Launch.

Article Link

22 Marketing Experts: Here’s What To Expect In 2020
December 11, 2019
Topic – 2020 looks to be even more exciting for Marketing & Social. Take a look at what 22 marketing pros have shared with Dan Gingiss.

Article Link

Twitter Chat – #ContentWritingChat
December 3, 2019
Topic – #ContentWritingChat Recap: Using Social Media to Connect With Your Audience & Generate Leads

Moments recap of the Chat

Thank you for the music
December 1, 2019
Topic – It was only a matter of time before we quoted an Abba lyric, especially for the holidays and Dennis Shiao is definitely in the holiday mood as he reflects and gives thanks to the band that has inspired his marketing music.

Article Link

Twitter Chat – #SoloBizChat
November 20, 2019
Topic – #SoloBizChat 11.20.19 Integrating Social Media & Email Marketing

Moments recap of the Chat

Featured by Content Marketing World – Community Tips: Building a Better Nest on Twitter
October 13, 2019
Topic – Twitter is an amazing place to listen, engage, connect, share, learn and grow all within 280 characters.

Learn more about my career and the journey I have taken & pick up a few Community building tips

Full Article

How To Create And Host A Twitter Chat: A Step-By-Step Guide [Asking Experts]
October 11, 2019

Topic – According to Statista, Twitter has 340+ million users, which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms. As a result, Twitter chats have appeared and quickly became a hot topic for discussion. Hosting such a chat can result in hundreds of participants who post thousands of tweets that can reach millions of people! We decided to tell you everything about chats and asked experts who achieved really impressive results.

Full Article

Content Marketing World Recap: Content Marketers Share Takeaways
September 12, 2019

Topic – Content Marketing World 2019 key Take-ways by Dennis Shiao

Full Article

Twitter Chat – #VisibilityHacks Chat
July 25, 2019
Topic – Partnering with multiple online businesses to help YOU learn how to get visible online in your business – hosted by @resultsinamonth

Twitter Chat – #TwitterSmarter Chat
February 28, 2019
Topic – Running Your Own Twitter Chat – hosted by @MadalynSklar

Moments recap of the Chat


#InTheSpotlight Guest
January 30, 2019
Topic – Here’s a recap of our #InTheSpotlight interview with the Bernie Fussenegger (@B2The7) – Host of #Digital360Chat and #InTheSpotlight

Moments recap of the Interview

template_bernie fussenegger_1:31

Twitter Chat – #Bizheroes
December 18, 2018
Topic – Digital Transformation


57 Content Chat MVPs to Follow to Make Your Twitter Feed a Better and Smarter Place
December 11, 2018
View the list.


Twitter Chat – #VCBuzz
December 4, 2018
Topic – How to Become a Better Marketer by #BeingABetterPerson: with Bernie Fussenegger @B2the7#VCBuzz via @vcbuzz – Link to the Chat


SalesForce Connections 2016 Conference
May 2016
Panel Speaker – Who Wore it Best in 2015: Mobile Success Stories featuring VUDU and Papa John’s.

More about the session – In 2015 we saw some great cross channel mobile programs that are influencing the industry, and we also saw some that didn’t catch much attention. Learn from the mistakes and get inspired from 2015’s best of the best in mobile messaging programs.


Along with us we’ll have great marketing cloud customers VUDU, who recently launched an amazing program tied around the release of Starwars: The Force Awakens, and Papa John’s, who is making great strides toward reaching their customers at the right time and place across multiple marketing channels.