Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to be a guest at several conferences and with several #Twitter Chats.

I love having the ability to share with others the experience that I have gained over the years as it pertains to the digital experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content and Performance Marketing.

Below are some of the highlights….

Coffee With Bob on LinkedIn

October 15, 2020 Video Interview
Topic – Bernie Fussenegger joins me today with a fascinating discussion about Twitter, #Digital360Chat, Careerbarn and targeting & engaging with social! The 10 minutes just wasn’t enough!

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How to Turn Twitter From Confusing to Community (By Joining These 5 TweetChats) by Ryan Foland

August 6, 2020 Article Mention
Topic – Here are some tips and tricks to grow your network one tweet at a time. Each social media platform has its own culture, subculture, set of rules, best practices, tips, tricks, hacks, and algorithms. If you are not careful, your head will start spinning while trying to understand it all. I am here to tell you that you don’t need to be on all platforms, as that can get really distracting trying to moderate them all.

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Twitter Chat – #USAMfgHour
April 16, 2020
Topic – Email Marketing for Manufacturer – Chat Recap

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32 Experts Reveal Their B2B Marketing Strategies for 2020

April 7, 2020 Article Mention
Topic – In this article, we’ve got together 32 Top Marketing Experts from across the globe who share their views and insights on “B2B Marketing Strategies For 2020“.

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Twitter Chat – #CoolerChat
February 25, 2020
Topic – Dynamic discussion on #digitalmarketing & community building with Twitter Chats.

Building a Craveable Brand in 2020: Experts Share Their Best Tips
February, 2020 Blog post mention
Topic – Building a Craveable brand in 2020 means that people want to be a part of the brand because you are authentic, transparent, engaging, genuine and have built trust with your audience that THEY want to tell others about you.

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Social Media Online Summit 2020
February 7-9, 2020
Topic – Twitter Chats for Businesses and Brands

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Twitter Chat – #WinnieSun
January 29, 2020
Topic – 2020 Vision – TweetChat Tribe Throwdown #WinnieSun TweetChat

Twitter Chat – #TacoChat
December 17, 2019
Topic – Building your email marketing program

5 Important Steps for a Successful Email Newsletter Launch
December 12, 2019
Topic – Email is not close to being dead and is still one of the most effective ROI channels. Alek Irvin talks about 5 Important Steps for a Successful Email Newsletter Launch.

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22 Marketing Experts: Here’s What To Expect In 2020
December 11, 2019
Topic – 2020 looks to be even more exciting for Marketing & Social. Take a look at what 22 marketing pros have shared with Dan Gingiss.

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Twitter Chat – #ContentWritingChat
December 3, 2019
Topic – #ContentWritingChat Recap: Using Social Media to Connect With Your Audience & Generate Leads

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Thank you for the music
December 1, 2019
Topic – It was only a matter of time before we quoted an Abba lyric, especially for the holidays and Dennis Shiao is definitely in the holiday mood as he reflects and gives thanks to the band that has inspired his marketing music.

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Twitter Chat – #SoloBizChat
November 20, 2019
Topic – #SoloBizChat 11.20.19 Integrating Social Media & Email Marketing

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Featured by Content Marketing World – Community Tips: Building a Better Nest on Twitter
October 13, 2019
Topic – Twitter is an amazing place to listen, engage, connect, share, learn and grow all within 280 characters.

Learn more about my career and the journey I have taken & pick up a few Community building tips

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How To Create And Host A Twitter Chat: A Step-By-Step Guide [Asking Experts]
October 11, 2019

Topic – According to Statista, Twitter has 340+ million users, which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms. As a result, Twitter chats have appeared and quickly became a hot topic for discussion. Hosting such a chat can result in hundreds of participants who post thousands of tweets that can reach millions of people! We decided to tell you everything about chats and asked experts who achieved really impressive results.

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Content Marketing World Recap: Content Marketers Share Takeaways
September 12, 2019

Topic – Content Marketing World 2019 key Take-ways by Dennis Shiao

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Twitter Chat – #VisibilityHacks Chat
July 25, 2019
Topic – Partnering with multiple online businesses to help YOU learn how to get visible online in your business – hosted by @resultsinamonth

Twitter Chat – #TwitterSmarter Chat
February 28, 2019
Topic – Running Your Own Twitter Chat – hosted by @MadalynSklar

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#InTheSpotlight Guest
January 30, 2019
Topic – Here’s a recap of our #InTheSpotlight interview with the Bernie Fussenegger (@B2The7) – Host of #Digital360Chat and #InTheSpotlight

Moments recap of the Interview

template_bernie fussenegger_1:31

Twitter Chat – #Bizheroes
December 18, 2018
Topic – Digital Transformation


57 Content Chat MVPs to Follow to Make Your Twitter Feed a Better and Smarter Place
December 11, 2018
View the list.


Twitter Chat – #VCBuzz
December 4, 2018
Topic – How to Become a Better Marketer by #BeingABetterPerson: with Bernie Fussenegger @B2the7#VCBuzz via @vcbuzz – Link to the Chat


SalesForce Connections 2016 Conference
May 2016
Panel Speaker – Who Wore it Best in 2015: Mobile Success Stories featuring VUDU and Papa John’s.

More about the session – In 2015 we saw some great cross channel mobile programs that are influencing the industry, and we also saw some that didn’t catch much attention. Learn from the mistakes and get inspired from 2015’s best of the best in mobile messaging programs.


Along with us we’ll have great marketing cloud customers VUDU, who recently launched an amazing program tied around the release of Starwars: The Force Awakens, and Papa John’s, who is making great strides toward reaching their customers at the right time and place across multiple marketing channels.