About Bernie


Director of Digital & Content Marketing possessing 15+ years of digital and social expertise in performance marketing, ecommerce, and web content development. Demonstrating high-level proficiency with targeted relationship building and marketing, personalized 1:1 communications with customer journeys, CRM and eCRM, and omni-channel (CDP) consulting. Expertise includes the ability to collaboratively identify innovative technologies to reach new audiences and exceed revenue targets.

Notable disciplines & experiences:

➡️ Marketing & Digital experience in agency, QSR and healthcare.

➡️ Digital and Social experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content, eCommerce and Performance Marketing.

➡️ MarTech Solutions & Omni-Channel (CDP) Consulting

➡️ Customer Identify, Data & Insights and Tech Modernization

➡️ Personalized, 1:1 communications with customer journeys

➡️ Content and Relationship Marketing

➡️ Twitter Chats for building audiences and brand communities

Host of #Digital360Chat on Twitter – covers topics around digital, marketing and the customer – Also, the host of the “In The Spotlight” Connection Interviews, which gives the #Digital360Chat community a chance to better know our guests and go more into their careers and how they can help others.

The chat takes place on Twitter every Friday at 12pm ET.

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Founder of Careerbarn.com – Bringing jobseekers and employers together.

Careerbarn.com was initially launched in 2000, when eCommerce was just getting started and social wasn’t a thing (to promote we actually did radio spots, word of mouth and flyers on telephone poles). Twenty years later, we are back with Careerdbarn 2.0, once again bringing jobseekers and employers together. And we are excited to have networking and social media as a tool and thrilled in offering our service once again.