bernie2Small and large brands all struggle at times in connecting with their customers, lack the resources, digit insights or social knowledge to gaining that connection and customer through online channels.

This is where B2The7 can help you target and engage customers with digital and social solutions.

Why Bernie and B2The7?:

We use the many years of experience in not only working for Papa John’s, but also working with many vendors and partners with their digital and social needs. Both your social and digital content can help your bottom line if you have a clear strategy and an engaged community.

I’ve been running successful digital programs and content marketing at Papa John’s for 19 years. The advice I share with you comes from real, practical experience that I have gained over the last 25 years.

Within that same time period, I have consulted with many smaller brands with their website presence and with their social content. This gives me a unique perspective of a creative entrepreneur but also what it takes to evolve from a brand perspective, overcoming objections and succeed with your digital and social opportunities.

ba218860-df6a-40d1-afb6-b5f5a807a995More details:
•    25 years of overall experience
•    21 years of digital experience
•    25,000 social connections
•    Host of 2 Twitter Chats
•    14 years of email marketing experience
•    19 years of content marketing experience
•    7 years of SMS marketing experience
•    7 years of mobile marketing experience
•    Successful, proven and relevant tools and solutions

About Bernie
Proven digital marketing leader with over 25 years of background experience in QSR and healthcare that includes engaging the customers with digital experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content and Performance Marketing. Success with managing in a fast-paced environment and delivering strategic solutions for both the customer and franchise organizations.