What good is knowledge and experience if you are not willing to share it with others? It isn’t any good to keep and hide that info to yourself. With B2The7  Quick Bits, I’m sharing my thoughts and insights as it relates to digital marketing and social media.

Below are some of the highlights….

Stand Out From The Crowd – Your Resume

Your resume is often the first impression a employer has of you. It has the power to open doors for you – and if done correctly it will help you stand out.

A resume should include your objectives, your skills & training, work experience and past accomplishments.

I always recommend hiring someone who writes resumes for a living – they know what to include, what to put where and the importance of keywords etc.

I want to introduce Kurtis Tompkins who offers many resume services. Kurtis is the owner at Owner at Jobready2dey • Certified Resume Writer • Certified Life Coach • Certified Interview Coach

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Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile

An optimized LinkedIn profile will help you stand out, will help you show up in search results, and will give more details about your professional career.

This awareness gives you more opportunities for connecting with others, networking, and with recruiters and hiring managers.

Most of my action items are quick wins but all are worth looking at and changing.

🎯 Action items to optimize your LinkedIn profile 👇👇👇

Being in a job search is not easy.

There are lots of ups and downs!

Stay positive, network like crazy and keep pushing forward.

I’m here to help you and to share what is working for myself to make your job search easier.

🎯 Tools to help in your job search👇👇👇

Dressing for Success – Preparing for a Virtual Interview

We are in a virtual world with Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams calls, Google Meet and so on.

The question that I have received lately is “how do you dress and prepare for a virtual interview?”

My recommendation, Dress for success and to also stand out!

🎯 Action items to stand out in a virtual interview 👇👇👇

Your Social Audiences & Their Preferred Channels

To start, your social media audience isn’t everyone!

Your audience are the people you want to reach with relevant content in the channel they prefer to engage with you.

Who are these people and how do I identify them?

🎯 Check out the video for actionable items on identify your audience 👇

Message to Recruiters & Hiring Managers from Job Seekers

Some of the frustrations many job seekers are experiencing when they apply for a job is they may get rejected and then ask for feedback and hear crickets or are ghosted.

If someone ask for feedback, take the time to give it. They may not get this positions, but you feedback could help them with their next one.

🎯 Check out the video for what job seekers experience 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Your Job Search & LinkedIn Profile

With so many searching for new jobs, I want to share the elements that will help others. Today, I want to share the elements of a good LinkedIn profile.

Many employers and recruiters will use LinkedIn to research you, see what your employment history is, what your job qualifications are, what you post and what your personal brand is. LinkedIn is essential.

🎯 Check out the video for the key elements of a good LinkedIn Profile 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Elements of a Job Search Plan

As I go through my job search, I want to share the elements that I’m finding helpful. Today, I want to talk about the importance of a job search plan.

What is a job search plan? Think of it as a summary of details that will help yourself and others understand what you are looking for in the next job or career.

🎯 Check out the video for 8 key elements of a Job Search Plan 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Tips For Your Job Search

This past year has been very difficult for so many people. Trying to find work in normal times is stressful, even more now during COVID.

Want to share 5 tips to help you get started in your job search

🎯 Check out the video for actionable items to help with your job search 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – Social Media Mistakes Brands Make – Your Social Media Profiles

Make a great first impression! Your social media profiles could be one of the first experiences customers have with your business, so you need to make sure that you’re taking full advance of that first impression.

🎯 Watch the video for actionable items on how to improve your profile 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – 5 ways to be more effective on Social Media

Each social channel has its pros and cons, and each has a potential different audience that likes a different message, different content and engages differently.

🎯 Watch the video for 5 ways to be more effective on Social. 👇👇👇

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits – The Importance of Relationship Marketing

In our video, we will sound off on the following…

🎯 What is Relationship Marketing?
🎯 Why Relationship Marketing?
🎯 Benefits of Relationship Marketing?

Watch the video for many Relationship Marketing nuggets for your brand. 👇👇👇

B2The7 Quick Bits – Resources for where to get content ideas for your brand and audience….

For myself, I don’t have any trouble coming up with new ideas and content and by using the following resources, the ideas are plentiful.

Watch the video to get my 7 different resources for content ideas. 👇👇👇

B2The7 Quick Bits – Making the most of social as an individual or brand…

How do you find social success?

Evolve as you learn and have a clear social mission with goals.

Find your voice and Create & share content that provides value.

Watch the video for more insights for making the most of social 👇👇👇

B2The7 Quick Bits – Let’s talk about Social Media and Your Brand…

How is your brand using social media to listen, to engage, to build community and to have two-way conversations and relationships with your audience and customers?

Check out below for tips on social media and your brand 👇👇👇