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It all starts the minute you walk into your place of employment and many times it starts right when you wake-up each day. You are bombarded with requests, emails, text messages, phone calls and people standing at your office wanting something. Goals and how you reach them apply to every profession and all types of work.

You need to have the ability to take control of your day so that you meet your goals and also so that you can help meet the goals of those team members that you support. Before you can begin to successful help others, you really need to focus on where your attention needs to be and how not to be distracted with tasks that are unimportant or not needed for that day.

If you are sitting in an open cube or open space, then the distractions have a much larger impact on your attention level and even your attention to detail on any given project.

The message is really simple for each day – focus on improving from yesterday, be a better co-worker, be a better leader and just be a better person.
6 ways to manage your day-to-day goals

1) What do you need to accomplish every day
Each day you will have the little items or tasks that are just part of the job. Write them down each morning as a check list – these are items that you should be able to quickly accomplish, check off the list, thus allowing you more time for the larger goals of the day.

2) What is the one or two big goals that you want to achieve today?
If you have taken the time to plan out the year, you should know what those big goals are that you and your team need to accomplish. Some of the bigger goals may also be adding new programs, setting new strategy, talking to potential vendors or partners and so on. These are necessary goals in moving your teams forward towards the larger picture. I would also classify these big items as things that are not everyday tasks.

3) Leadership goals for the day
In July I wrote an article called “Boss vs. Leader – Which One Are You?” which goes into the difference between the two. You can reference the traits that distinguish a leader for tips and areas where you can work to improve on each day. Pick one each day or week and work on that one area.

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4) What are you doing to support your company goals
Don’t take your eye off the company goals that have been set forth. Many times individuals get so wrapped up in their individual goals that they don’t work toward the company goals. As of rule of thumb, your goals should be set in alignment and should compliment the company goals. If they are not, you need to reevaluate your goals and make the necessary adjustments. Company goals are not met by one individual but with many individuals working together in their areas for the greater good.

5) What are you doing to manage your time to allow you to achieve the above
You have your daily tasks and goals that you want to achieve, now you need to work on the time management part. Start small by setting aside time each day, it can be blocking out your calendar, sending calls to voicemail or shutting your office door for a couple hours each day. This will allow you to give full attention to what you are wanting to achieve. But with the ever changing landscape of business, you will have interruptions, you will have team members that need guidance and you will have requests from your leaders that will take your time away from your daily goals. Build these interruptions into your plans and don’t get discourage when it happens, because it will.

6) Get into a daily routine
Your day is also about routine and being able to adjust when your routine gets thrown off course. It is the daily repetition that matters the most. I start with a walk before work, a walk at lunch and then I end the day with a run. I end up with a clear mind through-out the day and refreshed after each exercise. It is amazing the number of new ideas or solutions that I come up with when I’m walking – the mind is clear of all the daily work distractions.

It really starts with the routine that you set each day and it gets easier as each day goes by. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve everything each day, that is part of life. Just adjust and keep working at it.

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