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📌 It’s important to understand who your audience is 📌 It’s important to understand the channel your audience prefers to be in. 📌 It’s important to create content that is relevant and what your audience expects Resources for small brands

InTheSpotlight Recap: Monina Wagner (@MoninaW)

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Recap of our 2/14/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Monina Wagner (@MoninaW) – Building community at @CMIContent #CMWorld and #ContentTECH. #DisneyMP alum. Love lumpia and lacrosse. Perpetually trying to be the cool mom. Monina not Monica.

Mobile apps provide a ton of value WHEN the content…

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👉 Is relevant & of value 👉 Is personalized 👉 Encourages engagement and loyalty 🙌 What Mobile Apps do you use daily and why? Comment below 👇👇 🗣 Some quick Mobile App stats… 📌 Statista, 2018 reports Global mobile data

How many of my connections are also on Twitter?

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I’m pretty active on Twitter and would like to connect on Twitter as well. 
If you are not familiar with Twitter or Twitter Chats, I want to introduce you to these chats. 
Twitter Chats… 📌 Happen weekly 📌 Chats are

The brand of you!

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Branding is not easy, what are some of the challenges you face when branding of your personal brand? Thoughts?

Everyone has a secret for success on social – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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It is pretty simple…and you don’t have to pay for any special secrets… If you do the following, you will grow your networks, you will learn a ton from others and you will build community. 📌 Listen 📌 Engage 📌

InTheSpotlight Recap: Elena Salazar (@elenacsalazar)

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Recap of our 2/7/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Elena Salazar (@elenacsalazar) – 👩‍💻 #DigitalMarketing Manager @vmware | 😍 #SocialMedia and #Innovation | 🚀 #NASAsocial Alum | 🌎 Avid Traveler

What is your career advice for others just starting out?

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There is one question that I ask all my guests on the #Digital360Chat… That question is – Any career advice for others just getting started? We have all been the new person, just starting out or starting a new career.

What are some of the can’t miss digital and social conferences or events for this year?

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Conferences are a great way to learn from your peers, industry leaders and brands. They are also a great way to make new connections and to network and to bring awareness to your brand. You have researched the conference you

InTheSpotlight Recap: Kristen McCabe (@AusmericanGirl)

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Recap of our 1/31/2020 InTheSpotlight w/ #Digital360Chat interview with Kristen McCabe (@AusmericanGirl) – #Marketer, #actor and #dogmom. Proud to be an #aussie and #wisconsingirl proving nice girls are tougher than you think 😉

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