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This past week, I again focused on eMail – how they are optimized and how subscribers are interacting with brands. This is the one area of eCRM that I really love. With eMail you still have one of the best ROI’s of any eCRM program, plus with data, you can really begin to give a very personalized experience.

Data and analytics should be something that you look at frequently. You can then optimize the emails for YOUR customers and then develop the programs based on the data that you have to really create a unique customer experience.

Saturday Update
Saturday thought of the day.

Friday Update
When is the last time you reviewed the flow or the customer experience of your eCRM programs by a expert resource outside of your organization? This is something that is good to do a couple times a year.

Thursday Update
Testing, analytics, testing, analytics and more testing & analytics. What are you doing to test your eMails, to track your eMails and to see how your eMails are performing? Tools to use – Litmus, Persado and Google Analytics tags…along with the analytics your ESP provides. With all of these tools, you can see how your eMails are performing, how your eMail subscribers are interacting with your emails and to use the data to make the necessary adjustments.


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Closing Thought of the Day – The choice is yours – I prefer #2.

Wednesday Update
How often are you evaluating your eCRM programs (eMail, SMS & Push) for effectiveness and added features or new opportunities?

A) Daily
B) Weekly
C) Monthly
D) Quarterly


I have been wanting to do more to give back to the digital community that has given me so much. Each Wednesday I will be taking questions from professions around Digital and eCRM (email, SMS and Push notifications) programs and provide my feedback based on what I have experienced.  If we can help one person create better programs, then this is a success.
So for this weeks Q&A, looking for a good question that you might have. Please message me and I will post it here and on my blog.


Great question from Robert Warrington today.

Question: What are the most effective things using digital advertising to help create a call to action…

Answer: Digital advertising is considered ineffective without a call-to-action especially when your advertising dollars are at stake.

Some of the most effective things that I have seen and experienced to create-a-call to action within digital advertising are some of the following…not in any order of importance.

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Tuesday Update
One question that I receive all the time from other digital professionals is if I feel my team is properly staffed to handle all the eCRM programs and responsibilities. This should be something that you are thinking about and planning for as your business becomes more digital.

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Additionally, Bernie oversees brand representation for Papa John’s digital properties and manages direct-to-consumer channels including email, SMS and push messaging. Recent initiatives have centered around bringing together larger promotional efforts with targeted campaigns to engage the consumer at the precise moment of interest.

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