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This past week I focused on mobile with many questions around how people are use their smart phone, what the main obstacles are ordering via mobile and the type of devices people are using when making purchases with their mobile devices. The feedback and comments were very interesting, but not unexpected. It just validates that mobile is here to stay and that we need to really focus on the mobile customer experience.



Nearly two-thirds of Americans now being smartphone owners and these devices are another entry point to the online world.

Which activities do you use your smartphone for?

A) – Social
B) – eMail
C) – Gaming
D) – Taking Videos & Photos
E) – Shopping
F) – Surfing the Web
G) – Other



Where do you make the majority of your mobile purchases?

A) Mobile Websites
B) Mobile Apps


Tuesday’s Published Post Article….

Classic Cars and Digital Marketing

This past weekend my family and I went to a Classic Car show outside of Louisville, Kentucky. It was fun to see the expressions on my kids faces when they saw and experienced the “old cars that Pawpaw drove” when he was younger.

The Classics are simple yet beautiful to look at, all the newer cars are very complicated, but yet, still beautiful to look at.

In looking at the classics, it got me to thinking about how far digital marketing has come in such a short period of time and how expectations of digital and marketing has changed. In a way, it has paralleled the auto industry and how customer expectations have changed as the cars advanced with new technology.

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Desktop is still a pretty significant channel for making Online purchases, what are the main obstacles of ordering via Mobile?

A) – Navigation is small
B) – Speed of sites
C) – Security on Mobile
D) – Screen size is small
E) – Research on Mobile and order on desktop


Wednesday’s Published Post Article….

Question: What should you be asking when evaluating a new eMail Service Provider?

Answer: Looking for a new ESP is an experience that I have gone through 4 times in my career. It is one that is very time consuming in which you are over communicated to from all the potential prospects – “We can meet your every need” is what I heard a lot. You go through pages and pages of features and documentation only to find that some prospects just come up a little short of your needs.

One thing to keep in mind, is that the major ESPs will give you 80% of what you need. You need to really look at the other 20% to see how they stand apart and what they can do for your business. For myself, I have very specific tools and eCRM needs that I must have. If those tools or needs are something that the ESP doesn’t currently have, then they are no longer a prospect. With a mature program, we have certain toolsets that are a must and not easily duplicated.

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When you make Mobile purchases you use?
A) Android
B) iOS
C) Other



What 5 words best describe Mobile?

FOR ME – Attached, Indispensable, Frustrating, Handy and Essential

Friday Closing Thought of the Day – According to BlueHornet, 70% of consumers that receive an email that doesn’t render correctly will delete it. Supporting numbers on why your email should be mobile optimized.

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