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Digital Ad Spending Growth. By the end of 2016, digital ad spending will have surpassed that of TV ad spending much earlier that expected. This means that digital will represent 36.8% of total US media spending compared to 36.4% for TV…more

Mobile First & Not Just Another Screen. Just a few years ago there were TVs, computers and then the mobile phone with the mobile phone seen as a way to communicate to friends and family. With the smartphone, that landscape has changed – it has changed the ways people engage with brands and the way brands engage with mobile users…more


Yelp and User’s Privacy Rights. A judge refused to throw out a class-action lawsuit that involved Yelp wrongly uploaded iPhone users address books. What started in 2012 from developers accusing mobile social networks Path and Hipster of accessing and storing users’ address books without their knowledge…more

4Adweek Webinar – Find the New Voice of Your Customer: Get Insights from Social…and Digital, Customer Care, Surveys and More – Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

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