Today is a Motor City Spindle Repair kind off day!?!?!? ✅ them out below 👇👇👇 and follow their team and their company page – – This is a fun group that likes to engage daily on LinkedIn. If I

We have all made mistakes. But it is what happens after the mistake that is important – it is what you learn from and what you change from your mistake. Don’t let a mistake stop you!   #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #Motivation

Bring the effort and good things will happen! It also sets a great example for your teams to follow. If you are bringing it, then they will have more incentive to bring it as well.   #MondayMotivaton #Monday #MotivationMonday #Motivation

For those of us from Louisville, the first Saturday in May is a special day – almost like Christmas. Happy Derby Day! #Louisville #KentuckyDerby144 View on LinkedIn  

Day 4 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags – Veteran Owned After doing some research on Cruise Customs Bourbon Barrel Flags and Chris Cruise and wife Amber, there are several reasons I have a lot of respect for

Day 2 of #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut – Barrel Heads KY (Decorative products from reclaimed KY Bourbon Barrels) Does anything say Kentucky more than Bourbon or horse racing? And, as we get closer to the Kentucky Derby, what a great time to give

This coming week, starting Monday, 4/16, I’m going to do a #LocalLouisvilleShoutOut. The idea is to call attention each day to a different local business or individual that is unique, not necessarily known and offers something that you can’t necessary

Last week was another great week for many thoughts, comments and updates from connections and their connections. Over the last six months, I have seen and experienced an increase in the quality and sharing of peoples updates, it has truly

How do you think about Disruption & Innovation? Both happen when something new is created or branded. I see innovation as pretty much doing the same processes/things but doing them much better – think more incremental. Disruption is creating new

With the MLB All-star game on Tuesday, July 11, do you plan on watching? If not, how do you plan on following along with the action? A – Can’t wait to watch B – Don’t plan on watching C –